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Comment Re:Public v. Private (Score 2) 73

I've learned a little about Tor from some comp. sci friends who work with it but I don't really know anything about hte IPv6 you brought up and it sounds interesting. Do you have any links that a social scientist and not a computer scientist, could make sense of? I like to actually hear/learn this sort of thing from a human being rather than just searching away myself in the beginning if you wouldn't mind. I end up getting better information that way it seems.

Comment Re:Secret Service? (Score 1) 271

This is a lot thank you! I am very curious, but as a complete, newbie to these kinds of things, it's always difficult to know where to start. I really appreciate the links thank you again. More of a pop culture specialist in general before this, so my knowledge of Hackers has a lot more to do with Angelina Jolie and Johnny Lee Miller than it does the actual hacking. Terribly here useful I know:)

Comment Motherfucker Jones did a dime for this you know (Score 3, Informative) 341

Also has anyone else ever seen when the police do a "raid" on the bootleg dvd sellers on Canal Street in NYC? I've seen it happen a few times and the police move as slowly as possible, it seems to allow everyone time to pack up all their shit and escape. Sometimes enough time for people to pack up entire carts and run down the street with them. Not exactly a possibility for this dude, clearly. No idea what the sentence time is for someone caught with pirated material in real life is compared to online possession/distribution, or maybe it's the same?

Comment Re:More Specifically Aimed at Chinese Fur Farms (Score 1) 491

This is PETA. They're not exactly known for their rational thought processes.

You must be crazy. Trying to get fish rebranded as "seakittens" so that people would stop eating them does nothing BUT scream rational thinking.

This immediately made me think of the sea kittens incident. Which I would have thought was a brilliant strategy to save fish from being eaten. When I was 7...

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