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Comment Stumble Upon (Score 1) 82

Very fun project and I look forward to playing it. But I watched this yesterday morning via Stumble. Seems Slashdot is now falling behind on getting me stories. I think this might be the 3rd or 4th in a lil over a week where I saw the article while using Stumble. Maybe I better start just submitting stories after I Stumble them and take credit for good reporting.

Comment Vonage Settings (Score 1) 414

No one has said it yet. Lower the settings for call quality in your Vonage settings a bit till you reach a happy place. You already are giving top billing to the adapter so by doing that it would probably be all you need to do. I know when I first got my vonage i had a lot of delay issues while gaming or downloading, till I lowered the quality then it was all fine. Still sounds great and no lagging issues.

Submission + - Einstein's twin paradox resolved

slashthedot writes: "An Indian American scientist Subhash Kak from Louisiana State University has resolved the 100+ years old Einstein's twin paradox. "The fact that time slows down on moving objects has been documented and verified over the years through repeated experimentation. But, in the previous scenario, the paradox is that the earthbound twin is the one who would be considered to be in motion — in relation to the sibling — and therefore should be the one aging more slowly. Einstein and other scientists have attempted to resolve this problem before, but none of the formulas they presented proved satisfactory. Kak's findings were published online in the International Journal of Theoretical Science, and will appear in the upcoming print version of the publication."
"The implications of this resolution will be widespread, generally enhancing the scientific community's comprehension of relativity. It may eventually even have some impact on quantum communications and computers, potentially making it possible to design more efficient and reliable communication systems for space applications."
http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2007-02/lsu -lpr021407.php"

Submission + - Rollable E Ink Display Becomes Real Product

An anonymous reader writes: Two years ago Philips unveiled a prototype of a functional electronic-document reader, called the Readius, which could unroll its display to a scale larger than the device itself. Unfortunately, that was only a prototype. According to Cnet, however, Polymer Vision, which spun out from Philips in 2006, has redesigned the Readius and turned it into a real product that it is going to be available by the end of this year. There are some notable differences between this Readius and the prototype version, in particular, the ability to display 16 shades of grey instead of just 4 and the connectivity options. What doesn't make sense though, is given the energy efficiency and easy-to-read high contrast functionality of E Ink, why other than Motorola with its Motofone, has no other cell phone manufacturer incorporated E Ink technology into its handsets?

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