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Comment Re:I see what's coming. (Score 1) 101

Except this has been done before in the past. In the United States, no less.

But since life is just one big meme nowadays and every event must be able to be copy-pastad into the same sentence, please proceed with giving us more of your alternative consp^H^H^H^H^H forecasts.

Comment sort -u (Score 1) 109

A lot of people are laughing because password leaks of deprecated sites would be of no use to them.

But 427 million lines of actual passwords added to a dictionary file would not be trivial to discount.

Of course, in this instance, it's myspace so perhaps they are right to laugh. Piping that file through a sort -u might leave them with lot less than advertised.

Comment Re:ISIS is winning the propaganda war because... (Score 1) 168

Good points.

I see how my own points were slightly ambiguous. When I say, "who showed us these things?", I meant to think past the people who shared them. I think our government and our media did what they think are correct in showing us these things. And I would agree with them.

But ultimately, who created it? ISIS did. Everything we know about ISIS is only what they want/allowed us to know.

Did you know ISIS sets up hospitals (not just for their own fighters) and provides healthcare to the people. They distribute food. They are very government like in some ways where they can be.

So why would these people paint themselves in the worst possible light? Because that's what's needed for recruitment.

An excellent book on this subject is Jihad Academy: The Rise of Islamic State by Nicolas Henin. He was a hostage alongside James Foley and has first hand knowledge how life is with ISIS on the ground and their inner workings.

Comment ISIS is winning the propaganda war because... (Score 1, Interesting) 168

Because we're helping them.

Think about:
1. Everything you know about ISIS.
2. Who showed you these things?

By portraying ISIS as evil incarnate and letting them provoke a reaction out of us, we are helping them get what they want.

Without everyone being up in arms about them and feeding the media frenzy about a bunch of backwards goatherders, they would not have been able to successfully recruit their terror cells.

Comment Re: Is it still spyware? (Score 2) 176

You are very much mistaken.

Mint is simply a skin over ubuntu (or debian). They don't have much say in these matters. All of their eggs are mostly in the gui side of things and what package management they do is usually not of the quality that you would want from a distro ripping out the entire kitchen plumbing.

The current mint is based on ubuntu 14.04 which doesn't have systemd yet but mint 18 will.

Comment stuffy old academic? (Score 3, Informative) 188

"What a contrast to long-time LoC Librarian James Billington, a stuffy old academic who hated e-books and was so far out of touch that he liked faxing more than e-mail."

What the fucking fuck. I read this sentence and my bullshit detector went so that I went to and read for myself. Please learn to read and form your opinion instead of trusting this asshat submitter.

I read over his entire career and I can't really find much disagreeable with this guy.
During his tenure at the Library of Congress, Billington championed no-fee electronic services,[12] beginning with:

American Memory in 1990, which became The National Digital Library in 1994, providing free access online to digitized American history and culture resources with curatorial explanations for K-12 education website in 1994 to provide free public access to U.S. federal legislative information with ongoing updates; and website to provide a state-of-the-art framework for both Congress and the public in 2012

Educational portal for K-12 teachers and students in 1996, and subsequently new prizes and programs for advancing literacy in 2013

Online social media presence for the Library beginning in 2007, which expanded to include blogs, Flickr, establishment of Flickr Commons, Facebook, iTunesU, Pinterest, RSS, Twitter, YouTube and other new media channels. Twitter donated its digital archive to the Library of Congress in 2010; its vice president of engineering, Greg Pass noted, "I am very grateful that Dr. Billington and the Library recognize the value of this information."

"eCo" online copyright registration, status-checking, processing, and electronic file upload systems in 2008

The World Digital Library in 2009, in association with UNESCO and 181 partners in 81 countries, to make oline copies of professionally curated primary materials of the world's varied cultures free available in multiple languages.

Resource Description and Access (RDA) in 2010, a new cataloguing standard for the digital age implements in 2013

BIBFRAME in 2011, a data model for bibliographic description to provide a foundation for those depending on bibliographic data shared by the Library with partners on the web and in the broader networked world

National Jukebox in 2011 to provide streaming free online access to more than 10,000 out-of-print music and spoken word recordings.

BARD in 2013, digital talking books mobile app for Braille and Audio Reading Downloads in partnership with the Library's National Library Service for the blind and physically handicapped, that enables free downloads of audio and Braille books to mobile devices via the Apple App Store.

Comment Re:And you all think MS and Windows 10 is bad... (Score 4, Interesting) 86

Do you know anything about IT and the internet? Your post suggests otherwise.

This datamines via cookies. You consent to these (or not) via your browser. This is about the same as you walking down the street and deciding whether or not you care to dodge the cctv cameras watching you.

Windows 10 is your operating system and you have no idea what it does. How do I know this? Because I have no idea what it does. And I'm willing to bet 99% of Microsoft has no idea what the new telemetry of Windows 10 collects. This is the same as hiring a butler that watches everything you do over your shoulder and every 10 minutes, he speaks quietly into an encrypted walkie talkie and you have no idea what he's telling his association of butlers. But you do know one thing, which is that the NSA/GCHQ has access and power over this association.

So laugh away? Ha ha ha?

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