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Comment Here's the thing.. (Score 1) 145

to me, the problem isn't a $400 wifi juicer. (lol, Silicon Valley). In theory, the juice packs is 10 oz of fresh fruit and vegetables and you need a 2 tons of pressure to extract 8oz of juice. In reality, it's 9 oz of juice (that you could buy at the store for $2 a gallon) and 1 oz of pulp. This is the most retarded thing since soylent. Anyone who spend $6 a drink for this shit is retarded. Hopefully the next batch will be laced with cyanide and you will die and the world will be a better place.

Comment this was actually well known if they had just aske (Score -1, Troll) 40

I had a girlfriend from Peru. She would take a knotted string and shove it up my ass then slowly pull it out. You won't believe me unless you try it, but It feels really good! She told me that her mother taught her how to do it and it had been passed down since the time of the Incas.

Submission + - Eric Raymond needs your help! (

slashdice writes: Eric "ESR" Raymond needs your help! Let's all give him a few bucks. Chances are, you're using his software right now. But writing open source software doesn't pay very well and his NTPSec funding has dried up. I'm donating a few bucks — his tips for getting laid changed my life! How about you?

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