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Submission + - Eric Raymond needs your help! (

slashdice writes: Eric "ESR" Raymond needs your help! Let's all give him a few bucks. Chances are, you're using his software right now. But writing open source software doesn't pay very well and his NTPSec funding has dried up. I'm donating a few bucks — his tips for getting laid changed my life! How about you?

Comment some of you really don't get it (Score 5, Insightful) 401

Yahoo (including the name), is being sold off to Verizon. Altababa is the parts that are left (ie, a big pile of Alibaba stock). The yahoo name, domain, etc are not going away, they'll just have a new corporate overlord.

Kind of like how slashdot wasn't renamed (or improved!) when bought them, or VA Linux, or VA Research, or SourceForge, or Geek.Net or, or BizX. Other than (fuck) beta, there have been no updates whatsoever since 1998.

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