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Comment Don't forget CBS (Score 2) 272

'member when TV "news" presenter Dan Rather was fired for those faked miltiary papers about George W Bush? They were allegedly typed up on a typewriter in the late 60s/early 70s but were actually typed up in Microsoft Word (and they would have gotten away with it if they hadn't used Times) and faxed a couple times to launder it.

"Fake but accurate", he said.

Comment Re:Asus Zenbook (Score 1) 315

I bought an asus zenbook a couple days ago and I highly recommend it. screen is great, trackpad is great, keyboard... takes a little getting used to but it's ok (and the backlighting is nice).

A lot of people also seem to like Dell XPS. Most recommendations sound like this, though: "I love it.... but I had to return the first 3 because build quality sucks and they broke within the first week. Oh, and you need to take it apart and replace the wifi chip but ifixit has an easy 30-step process...". Also every Dell Lapop I've used has erratic track pads. Randomly repositioning the mouse/cursor when I'm typing? Fuck you Dell.

Also, bring back Stephen the Dell Dude. Weed is legal in most states now.

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