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Comment Re:Why we might possibly care (Score 1) 99

I'm becoming convinced this is the future direction. It sure would be handy to have a limited phone view and then a full-scale desktop interface when plugged into a docking station; a tablet like monitor could be plugged in as a secondary docking station. In either case the processing core is the size of a mobile and the interface is exchanged.

Submission + - Final call for Brave New World from Germany

RichiH writes: On November 9th, the German parliament will most likely vote in favour of a law which will make logging of all connections, be they over Internet, landline or cellular phone, mandatory (German source). As an added bonus, the Cybercrime Convention of the European Union will ensure that a total of 52 countries will have access to this data without review by a judge, restriction of commensurability or even a mandatory expiration date for the prosecution of any and all actions that are against the law in the requesting country. This list includes countries with long-standing records in human rights like Azerbaijan, Russia or Moldova. If you live in Germany, hold a German passport or simply think your voice should be heard, please head over to this site and write an open letter to the members of the German parliament. In anticipation of the approval of the law, please also join the first ever German class-action law suit before Germany highest court by adding your personal data here.
Do not let this pass without action. It is that last chance you are likely to have.

Submission + - "Don't tase me bro" police cleared

Fozzyuw writes:'s website has news on the University of Florida police involved in the Andrew Meyer tasering have been cleared of using excessive force. It also includes a link to the full report, which shares details of the incident and events leading up to the incident.

Submission + - Bridge traffic powers its monitoring sensors

Roland Piquepaille writes: "Researchers at Clarkson University, NY, have developed wireless bridge sensors which work without batteries. Instead, they are powered by the vibrations caused by passing traffic. This is good news for all the people in charge of maintaining bridges, who will no longer to have to replace batteries installed in hard-to-access locations. As said one of the researchers, 'We have completely eliminated the battery from the equation. Hermetically sealed wireless sensors powered by bridge vibration can remain on the bridge without need of maintenance for decades, providing continuous monitoring of such parameters as ice conditions, traffic flows and health status.' Nice job, but read more for additional details and a picture of a wireless bridge sensor used to check the safety of the Route 11 bridge in Potsdam, N.Y."

Submission + - A stolen nuclear weapon?

TheSkepticGuy writes: Chuck Simpson at has an analysis of the Barksdale nuke incident in which he speculates that, "Someone, operating under a special chain of command within the United States Air Force, just stole a nuclear weapon." Full story here: Barksdale Missile Number Six. It's a long read, but he systematically outlines what amounts to an impossible mistake.
United States

Submission + - Global Warming Concerts May Do More Harm Than Good

An anonymous reader writes: A column from the Guardian newspaper criticizes Al Gore's Live Earth rock concerts for being hypocritical. The rock concerts consume very large amounts of carbon-emitting energy, and the celebrities chosen to deliver the global warming message have wealthy extravagant lifestyles. Bob Geldof, who organized the Live Aid and Live 8 concerts, criticized its aims. 'We are all fucking conscious of global warming,' he said. 'It's just an enormous pop concert for the umpteenth time that, say, Madonna or Coldplay get on stage.'
United States

Submission + - Lawyer asks RIAA to investigate Bush twins 1

tanman writes: After reading an article in the Miami Herald that said "[President] Bush's twin daughters, gave him a CD they had made for him to listen to while exercising", a Florida lawyer calculated statutory damages of 1.8 million dollars and has sent a letter to the RIAA asking that they "display the same vigor in prosecuting this matter and protecting the rights of your rights-holders that it has displayed in enforcing those rights against other alleged violators." From the letter, "This is a serious violation of copyright. As you know, whichever of your member organizations that are right-holders for the copied musical works may be entitled to statutory damages of $150,000.00 per musical work copied."

Submission + - Yahoo censors Flickr images in Germany (

janoc writes: Apparently not only China is censoring Flickr. Flickr has recently introduced filters to filter out images deemed inappropriate. Unfortunately, the filters are now forced also on the German users (together with Singaporeans and Korean users). Photos marked "moderate" or "restricted" are invisible even to their own authors if they happen to be in one of the restricted countries. However, users from elsewhere can still see them just fine if they disable the "Safe search" feature in preferences — this option is not available to Germans anymore. There is a large discussion about this issue going on here: link.
The Internet

Submission + - Save The Internet Makes Up Fake AT&T CEO Quote

An anonymous reader writes: Yesterday, Slashdot ran a story about some supposedly inflamatory comments made by AT&T's outgoing CEO. It turns out that those quotes were actually made up entirely by "Save The Internet", a group opposed to network neutrality legislation. Techdirt pointed out that Slashdot and many other sites took the quotes seriously, while the guy who made up the quotes claimed it was an obvious parody — though, given the reaction here and on a number of other blogs, it didn't seem very obvious at all. AT&T's CEO has said some whoppers in his lifetime, but it doesn't help the cause of net neutrality to blatantly make up fake quotes, especially when the real ones are damning enough.

Submission + - All Is Not Well at Circuit City

Vengance Daemon writes: The Washington Post is reporting that Circuit City's recent firing of the highest paid/most experienced employees has not worked out quite as well as management thought it would. Sales are down and their stock price is down.
The Internet

Submission + - Mistaken YouTube takedown of national TV reporter

parodyca writes: David Akin is a national TV reporter for CTV in Canada. Youtube recently took down his home video of his trip to Vimy Ridge (A Canadian national monument) in France. His video was here and was ordered down via DMCA by a law firm called Holland & Hart LLP. But from Akins description there is nothing possibly infringing in the video. By strange coincidence another video was also ordered down by the same law firm. Is this another example of the consequences of not having any accountability for these takedown notices? Having now happen to a national TV reporter with the DMCA get the bad press it so richly deserves?

Submission + - S3 Standby State Done Right

Cameron Butterfield writes: "Because of increasing awareness in the general public about energy conservation, the ability to utilize low power states on desktop PCs is incredibly underdocumented and widely unused. My goal with this article is to change all that, to help computer users everywhere utilize these low power states without losing any original functionality of their network drives or remote applications. Heck, if you follow this guide, you may even be able to save a buck or two in the process. This article will attempt to answer the following:
  • Why bother? Why do I even want to waste my time on this?
  • My computer won't cooperate! How can I enable a S3 standby state which uses a fraction of the power vs. an Always on or a S1 standby state?
  • Now that I have enabled a S3 Standby state, how can I get my computer to wake up without issues?
  • I use my computer as an always on a file server / remote desktop / vnc machine. Can I actually take advantage of low power sleep states? I need access to my files at all times!

The link to this article is here:

Please give it a read and please consider posting the link on slashdot.
Thank you.
-Cameron Butterfield"

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