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Submission + - Chinese to move Linux servers to Microsoft Hyper-V (

slashbaby writes: The largest Linux provider in China has come to an agreement with Microsoft to develop, market and sell the NeoKylin Linux OS running on Microsoft Hyper-V.

The NeoKylin OS is reported to have been built by CS2C alongside China's National University of Defense Technology.

Hopefully this will lead to better Linux support under Hyper-V.

Comment Re:Microsoft treats non-profits very well (Score 3, Informative) 255

Second this.

I work for the Canadian branch of an international NGO, and MS almost throws software at us - we recently were donated $50 000 MSRP of software from MS. We paid $2300 in "administration fees" - which pay for two years of Software Assurance, downloads, customer service, tech support, etc.

Most software companies are generous to registered NGOs.

We do use *nix for many things, most of our network infrastructure is *nix. It just makes sense. But for the users, who know Office and Windows, we can't justify the lost time and training in switching to a something else when there is next to no price benefit - our software cost per workstation is ~$50 every 4 years.

I do feel bad for being a MS propagation machine, but they do make it pretty darn easy.

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