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Comment Re:yes, no and kinda (Score 1) 79

Well, it gets the reading remotely from the blood glucose meter and calculates the dose. It then displays the amount of insulin for the bolus delivery. You look at it and generally, if you've been using a pump or doing injections you know about what range you usually end up taking. If it's off a lot it should be obvious as long as you're actually alert. When it comes to things like that being observant is important.

Using the bolus wizard is one path through the menus but is not the only one. If you have remotely connected to the pump you can tell it to deliver without requiring the user to press any buttons. Medtronic have turned off some of the remote ability with the firmware in their later pumps, unfortunately that has also denied access to projects such as OpenAPS. I would like to see some ability to pair known devices together rather than cutting off all access completely.

Comment Re:Ignore the law (Score 1) 187

If I owned a 3D printer, I would ignore this law.

And what happens when they mandate that the software for your printer must detect these copies like they currently do with Photocopies and currency? Are you planning to not buy a new printer/not update your code? Rolling your own OS for the printer will not necessarily be possible.

Comment Re:I have done this hike (Score 1) 18

about 6 years ago I did the hike on the friday night - the season officially started on the Saturday. Virtually no one on the path and got there in 2.5 hours and then spent 3 hours at the top trying to keep warm in all my clothes until the sunrise. Was spectacular.

A couple of years later I did it again a few weeks into the season - it was a pilgrim trail to the top and took 5.5 hours. ended up sleeping in the 2nd to top hut because it was so frustrating doing the walk.

A wise man climbs Fuji-san once. A foolish man climbs Fuji-san twice.

Comment Re:Rootkit Sony!? (Score 1) 154

In my book Sony is irrelevant and I will continue to dissuade everyone I know from purchasing any of their products.

Fine, don't buy it, there are other choices out there that may suit you better. For me, I have always been happy with my Sony products, from Cameras, Palm OS devices, Playstation and laptops. They have been good for me and I am happy to continue the relationship. My HP and Lenovo laptop experiences haven't been so good, but then YMMV.

Comment Re:It's a complete game changer (Score 1) 121

Not only that, but there's a lot of other problems with quality of life when you're a diabetic. Scott Hanselman (has a podcast, works for Microsoft) has mentioned a few times that when he travels the world he ends up eating at Subway all the time, because it's the only place you have a really good idea of how the meal is going to affect your blood sugar. Imagine going to a foreign country and not being able to eat any of the local cuisine because you don't know if it's going to send you into a coma. It's like being a vegan, except that breaking the rules means that you end up getting sick. Vegans can usually find something to eat at almost any restaurant. But for people with diabetes, it can be quite difficult to eat at a lot of restaurants, especially non-chain restaurants as they usually don't have any nutritional information (nor are they required to).

That's rubbish. Type 1 Diabetics can easily eat the local cuisine. All we need to do is to take a smaller dose before the meal, then test soon after the meal and add a corrective bolus. I eat different food every day and travel extensively and have no problem. You don't need to restrict yourself to a limited range of food unless you want to - and if so, don't blame the diabetes for that.

Comment Re:Both (Score 1) 121

Many of the issues with sugar management are somewhat-alleviated by a pump, which I imagine most Type 1's use these days. Continuous glucose monitors also help out. If you plan for exercise and then skip it, you just reset your basal rate to normal (instead of dropping it), or whatever (I'm not actually a diabetic - I'm sure anyone who is could tell you exactly how they handle it).

Being on the pump does make it much easier to exercise without having to plan too far in advance, and both the pump and CGM make it much easier to do long duration activities like Ultra marathons. Most people are NOT on the pump though - they are still using multiple daily injections of long acting and short acting insulin.

Comment Re:Hitting the Sonny Bono wall (Score 2) 29

So what happens once Project Gutenberg has finished releasing all notable books in the English language that were first published on or before 1922?

Since lots of things are in the public domain in other countries that are not in the PD in the US, maybe there could be a Project ?

Comment Re:Source code access for medical devices (Score 1) 38

you may not have a choice to shop round to select your ICD, but choice of model for insulin pumps is definitely available to the end user. I don't have a general problem with my pump performance, but I would like to be able to make the delivery rate a bit more complex than the three options I currently have.

Comment Re:Give him everything right now. (Score 1) 148

Cut out the middle man send Attorney-General Nicola Roxon every thing right now. CC him on every email and photo upload and send him your daily web browsing histories, if he has twitter the update him on what your are doing.

This is what they did in Canada and they crashed the Parliamentary mail and web servers. After a few days of this the bill was effectively withdrawn.

Her. Send *her* everything right now. Surely the name and the photo were reasonable clues to the gender?

Comment Re:so in otherwords (Score 4, Informative) 116

your social behavior is monitored for the severely unlikely event your in a emergency situation 24/7 instead of requesting for help

anyone see an issue with this?

If you read the article, you would note that this is specifically for Natural disasters, ie widespread events like earthquake or tsunami. It is not for your small-scale emergencies.

Comment Re:It's not "911" in Japan (Score 1) 116

even the ITWorld article put 911 in the title despite correctly noting in the text that it is 119 in Japan.

The most important part of this is how to treat reports of survivors. After 9/11 many people from my company called in to report that they were ok and that they had seen other survivors. Because of many false reports, we would only record someone as definitely alive if they personally contacted us.

In theory using twitter would help with this but how do you verify that it is the real person and not someone setting up a fake account?

Comment Re:Who Would Have Thought? (Score 1) 267

If you really think there is a 'tiny' amount of radiation being leaked, why don't you go live there?

My aunt-in law lives in the 80km exclusion zone - along with thousands of other people, my wife will be there later this week and I will be there the next time I am in Japan.

The problem isn't from the nuclear power station, it's from all the services being destroyed by the tsunami. Christchurch had an earthquake just prior to the Japan earthquake and they are also having massive rebuilding work going on. There are no nuclear power stations in NZ.

Comment Re:Glaring errors in the techweek article. (Score 1) 196

yes there is such a beast as an implanted pump, but in practice, the things are very, very rare and you are unlikely to meet any diabetic who is even aware that the device exists, let along find someone who has one.

The version that is out there is 20 years old and is basically being maintained, there isn't new models coming out all the time. Common approaches to security 20 years ago is not the same as we would view them now.

Yes, it is something that should be addressed in future models (if they ever appear) but the GP points about pumps are much more relevant when there are thousands more external pumps than there are implantable ones.

Comment Re:Why is this crap even on Slashdot? (Score 1) 242

And conversely, I get pain in my fingers and wrist if I use a standard shaped mouse for any length of time, and the Logitech MX1000 is my mouse of choice which I use 8-10 hours per day for several years without any pain.

Horses for Courses - what is a bad design for you is not necessarily a bad design for others. Ain't choices great!

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