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Comment Re:Choosing a language (Score 4, Interesting) 299

Groovy is different because it's easy for Java programmers to learn. In fact, most Java devs can understand Groovy code with little or no explanation. That's certainly not the case for JRuby or Jython. In any event, I agree Clojure is pretty sweet. However, being a Lisp, it's future is questionable. A lot of devs won't be willing to deal with the brain melting process necessary to grock it.

Yeah I agree with you there. I do use groovy as my "java and then some" language. It looks an awful lot like ruby to me, but yes it's more java-like.

Its unfortunate about lisp(s) and their popularily, because honestly I don't see what's so difficult about them. Macros are hard, but lisps don't force you to use them. Other languages don't even give you an option, you can't. Paren matching is done by any modern editor. Prefix notation is a bit unintuitive I guess, but that slowed me down for maybe a couple of weeks, about the same as new syntax for almost any language. I am starting to think that "a lot of devs" just don't want to understand it. Or maybe a lot of devs just don't get programming in general, they just learn their one language, and can maybe pick up a few similar ones.

Comment Re:Choosing a language (Score 1) 299

I like Groovy, it's java-like and scratches some of my biggest itches about java.

However I like Clojure better. It's hard for me to resist the power of a lisp, with a full macro system, *and* full java interop. To me it's the only JVM language that stands out, Scala and Groovy are nice, but I don't see why they are any better or different than JRuby or Jython.

Comment Re:As a male... (Score 1) 834

Women's bodies are more aesthetically pleasing, yes. More "multifunctional"? How do you explain that men outperform women in virtually all forms of athleticism? Running, swimming, lifting, climbing, throwing, jumping... you name it. I don't think your hypothesis that men's bodies are designed for "little more than acts of violence, killing prey/rivals and moving heavy objects (like carrying the kill back to camp).". If that were true women would be outperforming men in most other physical tasks. Yet they don't.

Comment Re:That's great... (Score 2, Insightful) 1010

Would you rather that RAM sit there doing nothing?

No, I'd prefer that as I'm using my foreground application, the disk sit there idle waiting for me to ask it to do something, and when I do ask, it carries out that action immediately, rather than finishing the unnecessary swapping it had decided to do for no reason.

An OS has absolutely no clue which app I'm going to switch to next, because often I don't know myself. For all it knows, the memory pages it just swapped out for no reason, I'm going to want swapped back in half a second later. So I have to share my disk accesses with a totally unnecessary swap, and then wait for it to be unswapped. No thanks. Even if the cost of swapping out could be reduced to zero, it's still stupid. There's just no benefit, and at the very least puts more wear and tear on your drive, and on laptops, uses more power.

Comment Re:Mathematicians should use more car analogies (Score 1) 219

Okay, Car analogies:

Topological Hairy Ball Theorem: It is impossible to drive your SUV in a path that covers the whole planet without crossing your own tracks.

If you start at the north pole and drive in an ever-growing spiral, until you reach the equator. Then it's an ever-shrinking spiral until you reach the south pole. I don't think that's the same problem as the Hairy Ball theorem. That says you can't comb a hairy sphere such that all the hairs lay flat. Or put another way, there always has to be at least one spot on earth where the wind isn't blowing.

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