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Comment Re:hello? dock? (Score 5, Insightful) 189

Get a dock if you want to use lots of (legacy) ports on a compact laptop!

Uh... if I wanted a 'compact laptop' I'd buy a macbook air.

I wanted a pro laptop; I want a gigabit ethernet port. That is not a "legacy" port. I want regular USB. I want HDMI. These are not legacy ports either. These are what the other devices you will encounter on the road have. From the TV in the hotel to the flash drive a coworker will hand you. I don't want to have reach into a bag of dongles to find an adapter for every goddamned thing.

I'm fine with it being a bit heavier, and a bit thicker if it gives me more ports and more battery. Again, I wanted a pro laptop ... if I wanted a compact laptop that focused on minimalism... I'd have bought a macbook air.

I want more RAM, I want more SSD. This laptop might be a fine device... but its just a fancy macbook air. I'm in the market for a pro laptop.

Anyone that's somehow finding it possible to be hurting for an additional $25 after buying a $2,000+ computer can just get on ali or amazon or ebay and pick up two cables for $6 shipped or something like that.

Its not the money for the cables, its having to buy them at all. Its that I spent $2000+ for a computer with all the functionality I wanted built in. I wasn't trying to save money; I was trying to buy a pro laptop. Charge me another $200 and build-in the fucking ports. Not having to carry around a bag of shit is worth it to me.

Get a dock! Problem solved, and solved well.

A dock is something you leave on your desk. I need the ports to follow me around so I can use them where I go.

So your solution is Buy a laptop for $2000+ Then buy another slightly smaller laptop sized dongle to fix all the shortcomings of the first laptop.

FFS that is not a problem solved well. You know what a problem solved well would be... build the fucking dock INTO the goddamned laptop, and call that a "pro" laptop.

Comment Re:Good riddance to MagSafe (Score 1) 189

I've had the cords themselves go, but the connector itself has always been fine.

magsafe is, or should I say *was*, one of the big selling points for the macbook pros for me.

I can't really see buying another one though. The new one is not merely underwhelming, its a straight up downgrade.

Comment Re:Simplicity can only go so far (Score 1) 521

Ctrl-Click has worked for right click since Mac OS 8.


So yes, you could right click even with the single button mouse.


A 'right click' is to click on the right mouse button. A mouse that does not have a right mouse button cannot be right-clicked. Ctrl-click as an alternative way to send a right click is a fine workaround, but it is not a right click.

This is important. Because while you and I might have abstracted 'right click' into an event that can be triggered by a) clicking the right mouse button, b) ctrl-clicking a singular mouse button, c) two finger tapping a touchpad, etc... the average person when instructed to right click ONLY knows to press the 'button on the right side of a mouse'.

So mac applications (and mac users) don't use the right mouse button much because its functionality isn't very discoverable. Anyone with a two button mouse instinctively knows what a right mouse click is; and is apt to click it to see what happens -- so its functionality is very discoverable.

Ctrl-click ... by comparison is arcane. Nobody is going to find that unless they are told. I mean, when was the last time you pushed the Command key, the escape key, and clicked at the same time? Maybe that does something in some application too... ;)

Comment Re:Simplicity can only go so far (Score 5, Informative) 521

"Been able to right click for decades.... Why do you guys that have zero experience with a MAC keep trying to bring that fake piece of info Up?"

Decades? Sure, you've been able to right click in OSX for as long as I can remember.

Sure. Just not with the mice apple sold you.

From 1983 to 2005 all apple sold was one button mice. The 2005 mighty mouse was the first one that actually had a 'right click'.

That said the mighty mouse/magic mouse being multitouch devices with capacitive touch continued to make right clicking far less discoverable to users than a typical PC mouse which clearly had 2 clickable surfaces, one on the left, and one on the right.

And that continues even to today. And frankly the apple might/magic mice are utter garbage; designed for people who spend more time admiring their mouse then using it.

Comment Re:Was Obvious from the Start (Score 2) 325

Chiming in to agree; BUT quality isn't the only factor here. You simply couldn't engineer a smartwatch that anyone would want to wear 40 years from now. Even if it worked good as new, it would still be a ridiculously obsolete piece of gear that needs to pair with a "phone" equally out of date and totally incompatible with the networks, and completely unable to render a 'webpage', and all of its client/server apps would be broken.

Maybe steampunk types or some future equivalent "LED-punk" would wear one, with an oculus rift converted into a bike helmet... to conventions... but that's about it.

Comment Re:AI is not real thinking (Score 1) 210

Artificial Intelligence is a computer that can trick a person into thinking it is a real person.

Well that premise is flawed out of the gate. I've never heard any one ever say that.

That means it has to have as many flaws as a real human as well.

Flawed conclusion, from a flawed premise.

If you were going to put a piece of software with intentional human flaws in charge of something, then that is a fairly big mistake.

True dat.

I would rather put an intelligent computer, rather than an AI, in charge of making decisions. That will reduce the risk of very bad decisions being made.

Will it? What would a flawless AI conclude? What if it decides humans are awful things, and should be limited to a handful of specimens kept in a wildlife preserve on Proxima 4 for study and preservation.

You know, the same way we treat certain viruses.

Is that a 'good' decision? For the AI maybe it is.

Comment Re:I wonder... (Score 1) 200

They aren't even second.

I want to record a Duke game, I pull up my Google Fiber TV app, and type in Duke, and tap on Duke University from the options. It tells me there's two games coming up - football and soccer. I select Football, and it informs me they are playing Georgia Tech (not as some human written summary mind you, but because it knows who is playing). I can hit record here. I can also tap a button and get a list of other upcoming college football games, or get the option to record all upcoming Georgia Tech games. When it recognizes you are setting it to record a live event, it asks if you want to extend the recording time for a certain period beyond the scheduled end, because they do sometimes run long.

Also fun - you can type in a movie name and set it to record, even if it's nowhere on the schedule. It will just keep it in memory and record it whenever it does eventually come on. You can do this with actors and directors too, and it will just watch for whatever they are in that comes up. I think maybe TiVO does this too? But, I've never had it, so...

And one thing that Google Fiber is doing that both TiVO and Apple aren't, is providing the connection to the content.

Comment Re:Short summary (Score 1) 269

I still fear a large increase in the error rate for manual driving by drivers who become rusty and have to take over under the worst driving situations (possibly after being summoned from a nap).

yeah, I think its going to be interesting as autonomous vehicles escalate to the human whenever it runs into somehting it can't handle it's basically setting human up for even more errors.

As in... here' you tune out and let your driving skills atrophy while I do your driving. Uh oh... I know its been 3 years since you've driven the car... but its snowing something fierce and i cant' see... I'm out you drive home today!

And then a guy who hasn't driven in years has to drive in the worst conditions possible. multiplied by the entire city.

On the upside, the carnage will make the autonomous drivers look good right? See how bad it is when human drive!

Comment Re:COURAGE (Score 1) 315

Citation? There's about 57,000 "Dell Precision" laptops. Got a particular one in mind? For example, I don't see ANY Dell Precision Laptop that offers more than 32 GB of RAM, and even that one (7510) doesn't have USB-C, even as an option.

Yeah, the 7510

operating systems: Windows 7 pro / windows 7 pro / or Ubuntu 14 LTS
ram : 8GB to 64GB RAM -- both ECC (for Xeons) and Non-ECC for i5/i7

USBC / Thunderbolt 3 are the same thing from everything I've read (am I wrong?). It's a 28$ option. Again, on that page... between the processors and the OS choices. Dell calls it a USBC port elsewhere too.

And in the end, it's still a POS plastic laptop with a POS Operating System.

Its really not though; its really well built. And it comes with Ubuntu LTS if you want it so its not even 'windows only'. Linux support from the OEM. You just burn your credibility by claiming its a POS.

And I say all this as a macbook pro owner. I've got 2 of them. 2011 and 2015. The high end dell business stuff is well made.

Comment Re:COURAGE (Score 1) 315

Now, tell me again: Exactly how is this a Bad Thing? How does it make the MacBook Pro less "Pro"?

Because I don't want to carry around 2 laptop sized devices, and then tether them together.
Because I want the laptop have the functionality built in precisely so they don't have to carry a bag of crap to attach to it to make it work.

IE I want, as I said, my laptop "built into the dock".

What good is a dedicatedHDMI port if what you REALLY need is another port to connect to a SAN? What good is a dedicated Ethernet Port when what you really need another USB? So, having multiple, high-speed, identical I/O ports that can be easily and relatively inexpensively be adapted to one or more simultaneous uses is actually much more flexible and "future-proof" than having a fixed-number of dedicated ports. It. Just. Is.

LMAO. That argument falls flat on its face. It would be true if for some reason you could only have 2-3 ports on your laptop. So each spot was choice... thunderbolt/usbc or hdmi? thunderbolt/usbc or ethernet? It's not a choice. You can have it all.

It's simply NOT an either or question you can buy a 15" dell precision laptop with all the ports a macbook pro has. (thunderbolt + usbc). So it's got ALL the same flexibility and future proofing of the macbook pro.

And it has displayport, hdmi, ethernet (rj45), sdcard reader, headset jack, and 4 USB 3 ports.

That Dell comes with Windows 7 pro, 10 pro, or even Ubunutu linux. I can even get it with a Xeon and 64GB ram if I want. Doesn't matter how much money i try and throw at apple, I'm stuck with 16GB ram with no option to upgrade.

Dell makes a PRO laptop. Apple doesn't make one anymore.

Apple should make something like the Dell but... with OSX.

But instead they keep turning their pro laptop into a faster macbook air plus. Which is great for the people looking for that. But damn... it sure would be nice if Apple made a pro laptop again.

Your argument is essentially that because the macbook pro has a couple thunderbolt ports it has the potential for the functionality you need. But the Dell has all the functionality built right in, AND it has all the potential to plug in more stuff that mac has AND you don't have to tie up the thunderbolt port with your network card and external keyboard so it'll actually be available if you need it. The mac pro isn't even in the same league anymore. Its a joke.

Comment Re:COURAGE (Score 2) 315

since they provide a seldom-used (but still used) function in a laptop with good WiFi.

Used an an awful lot by mobile pros who work with large files, or pros who configure networks. Maybe Apple should create a sku with a couple extra usb ports, a gigabit port, as thick as the 2011 mbp with the extra space used for battery. They could call it "Macbook Pro".

They can renamed the current macbook pro, macbook Air+

In the end, it actually provides more flexibility for individual needs,

Fewer options is greater freedoms! Taking things out provides more flexibility! What double think! What newspeak! Much wow!

without overly-complicating base designs or unnecessarily increasing hardware costs.

Nobody buying a $2500 pro laptop in 2016 is concerned about the cost of a few ports. Indeed that's what the $2500 is for... because we want it to have all these capabilities built in, and we're willing to pay what ever it costs to get it.

It's reached the point where I'm considering buying a thunderbolt dock to keep in my laptop bag. Has all the ports I'll need, and I'm less likely to misplace or forget it. And its cheaper than the combined price of all the hubs, adapters, and dongles I currently need to carry around.

But you know what would be really cool... if they put some extra battery in the dock. And added a keyboard, screen, touchpad, CPU, SSD, and RAM. Then I could just carry around the dock, and not bother with a useless laptop. ;-)


Those Ethernet "Dongles" (as you call them)

A dongle is a piece of hardware that attaches to a computer and allows a piece of secured software to run. [...]

The term dongle has expanded beyond software protection to include any small device that plugs into the Universal Serial Bus (USB) or other computer port, regardless of what it does. These devices are usually used to provide some function that is not built in to the computer itself. This includes adding memory, supplying Bluetooth® and WiFi® connections, and adding adapters so that other devices can be plugged in.

Comment Re:I use linux because (Score 1) 268

nvidia's presence on linux is what it is because its not a mainstream OS.

Consider Nvidia's geforce experience software for windows, which now requires you to create an account to get the automatic driver updates.

If Linux were in Windows position in terms of Marketshare. Geforce experience **would** be a linux app. Its not a necessary app for Linux ... its not even a necessary app on Windows.

But it would be the same borderline malware it is in windows, if it existed for linux. The only reason it doesn't exist for linux today is the marketshare.

Comment Re:You Trump supporters and your damn facts (Score 4, Informative) 441

So what if he is just a private citizen and doesn't even have access to (supposedly) secure government servers.

Nobody is expecting him to be using servers audited and monitored by the NSA.

They expect him to be using servers that aren't running EOL versions of Windows 2003. Because, in Trump's own word's...

"Iâ(TM)m going to surround myself only with the best and most serious people. We want top of the line professionals."


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