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Comment Re:Target Market (Score 1) 756

That's because nerds think non-nerds should aspire to be nerds as well.

I liken the iPad debate to any conversation with a camera nerd. They spend more time talking about megapixel counts and interchangeable lenses than they do taking actual pictures.

Comment Apples and Oranges (Score 1) 756

All this talk about the iPad not comparing well to other computing devices seems so pointless.

The iPad is sold as an appliance (in spite of having computerish guts) and all non-ereader tablets and laptops are sold as computers.

Seriously, if the iPad's limitations annoy you, it just means you need a real computer, not an appliance.

The iPad is more comparable to a TV with Internet, Music and Book channels than it is to a crippled laptop or "tablet PC".

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