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Comment Re:2.5 hdd in 19" racks aren't new... (Score 1) 103

They say it fits "a 2.5 inch form factor", not "the 2.5 inch form factor". Looking at the picture, it certainly looks like the drive is 'taller' than a normal 11mm or so SSD designed for laptops, taking up a larger volume than normal. Not sure what "the" 2.5 inch form factor allows. While probably not taking up half the volume of a 3.5 inch drive, it may be close enough to not allow more than 2 in the same space, especially given the need for connectivity to the drive for power and data.

Comment Raised Floor Around Treadmill (Score 1) 340

I am in the midst of building my treadmill/standing desk workspace now. I work at home, so have lots of leeway, but a few of the ideas I have come up with might be worth contemplating, if a bit expensive. I am trying to remove as many of the impediments to my using this as possible. Just standing all day or walking all day leads to pain and suffering, just as much as sitting all day does. The idea is to mix it up. The solution I have come with is to combine a treadmill desk with a standing chair, on a raised platform level with the treadmill.

I have a Lifespan TR1200DT treadmill (http://www.lifespanfitness.com/tr1200-dt3-under-desk-treadmill ), the 'best' option available right now...you can get two TR1200's for the price if you are thinking of getting the TR5000. There is a new brand of treadmills coming out from iMovR soon that will be designed from the ground up for under desk walking assuming the quality pans out.( http://www.imovr.com/imovr-the... )

I also have a Focal Locus leaning/standing seat chair as well.( http://www.focaluprightfurnitu... ) This will help relief some of the pressure from standing or walking all day, without the same downsides of sitting.

I am still working on a desk, though the iMovr ThermoDesk ( www.imovr.com/omega-everest-electric-sit-stand-walk-desk-with-embedded-ergo-tilt-keyboard-tray-48-tabletop.html ) is the one I am leaning towards. I am still figuring out the keyboard tray aspect given my personal preferences.

What ties it all together is a custom raised floor around the treadmill (2x4's, plywood and some nice hardwood looking vinyl flooring for a couple of hundred bucks). This allows me to easily wheel the Focal Locus on top of the treadmill or off to the side on the raised floor without lifting or strain, and quickly in seconds. The wheels of the Locus sit on the side rails, while the rear T which is rubber sits on the plenty sturdy enough treadmill belt. You could also have a semi-hard but light foam board cut to size to drop over the belt if you were worried about damage/wear.

Beyond that I am working on using 'light' voice recognition, additional mouse input options (handheld adesso easycat for when I am just browsing around...I'm disappointed with the wireless offerings being so large or requiring 2 finger scrolling) , x-keys buttons, etc. to help reduce the sheer volume of buttons and clicks I press each day, hopefully by 20-40%.

Hopefully someone else's lightbulb goes on from this idea.

Comment Re:Apologies not accepted (Score 1) 64

Like I said, I don't care, just the attitude that somehow the victim is in the wrong, and the faux scolding of 'I am better than you' your attitude implied. If you reread your sentence
"Of course I havent had to use it, because I generally dont run into issues with apps asking for insane levels of access. Maybe its the apps you're using?"
and can honestly say it doesn't sound remotely douchey, then I apologize.
"Of course I haven't ever had an STD, but I generally don't use the low end hookers you obviously use..." :)

        read your contacts
        approximate location (network-based)
        read call log

It is definitely better than most, but that doesn't make it good.
I don't like any of them being grabby, which is why I use Privacy Guard, which is actually just the Google hidden App Ops.

Comment Re:Apologies not accepted (Score 1) 64

"Of course, I need to sound like a douche, and I have to blame the victim."

Try to install any PushToTalk app from the play store, like Voxer, etc...
Try to install Yahoo Mail.
Try to install FB.
Try to install anything supported by ads and watch it ask for 'fine location', contacts, phone number, etc.

Not sure what you are using your phone for that you aren't running across apps ask for things that they probably shouldn't, and honestly I don't care, because I am sure it is a perfectly valid use case.

Submission + - Call to Arms: Automate FCC CALM Act Complaints (fcc.gov) 1

slaingod writes: After seeing the Aaron Swartz JSTOR Liberator [http://aaronsw.archiveteam.org/] I had the idea to build a website myself that eased the complaint process for loud commercials that violate the recently enacted CALM Act. However, when digging into the idea, a better one came to me, and though it is beyond my capacity to implement across the multiple platforms, I wanted to share the idea with the community in the hopes that we could make a difference. The idea is simple: Automate the complaint process in popular open source media center applications, such as MythTV, XBMC, or Plex plugins, with automatic flagging of commercials that are loud, along with the relevant metadata. A review process for the user would allow them to fill in the advertiser as the one non-automatable aspect, though this could theoretically be semi-automated by fingerprinting the commercials as well.

Comment Converged Phone/Laptop Device (Score 2) 102

So for me the interesting idea is all about reducing the number of devices I need to maintain. Whether it is chrome os/android or ubuntu, or whatever, my interest is in having to maintain as few devices as possible.

Right now I have
Windows x64 Box #1: Old workhours/gaming/media desktop, mainly used for torrents, news, and to use Photoshop, etc when necessary.
Windows x64 Box #2: HTPC with Windows Media Center ('free' guide listings, works with cable card premium chans) (also important not to do too much besides HTPC for stability on this box)
Ubuntu x64 Laptop #1: Main device I use on a daily basis for dev work, etc.
Windows x86 VM on Ubuntu: Windows VM I use for photoshop, and other windows/osx only apps and for old drivers for scanners etc that dont have x64 drivers
Android Phone: My phone
Andoid Tablet: My tablet

I would love to have at most one or two OS instances I have to maintain. A Padphone/Phabet with Laptop dock, etc. may be the converged device that I can use in the future for my full dev stack.

Comment Re:Screwing with my router? (Score 1) 214

The computers are Windows 7, though there is an Ubuntu VM on the main computer. Any two connected to the router cause problems, but if the cable modem isn't connected the Dlink works fine (but no internet obviously), so something is happening between the DLink router and the cable modem's router. Nothing on my network changed, particularly at specifically 12:04ish AM CST on Tuesday morning.

Comcast Modem/Router: SMC8014
DLink Gamer Lounge DGL-4300

Right now I have the second computer plugged into the SMC's router ports, and it works fine, just can't see into the DLink to talk to the other computers obviously. Connecting over WiFi does not exhibit the same problems when two computers are connected on the DLink (one via ethernet the other via WiFi).

Comment Screwing with my router? (Score 1) 214

So interestingly, on Feb 1st, at 12:04AM, my network went nuts in my house. I have Comcast Business Class service and was actually on the phone with them yesterday morning, with no good results. I have a Comcast provided SMC cable modem/router, with my own DLink Gaming Lounge 4100 or something attached to that.

Basically the problem is this: When I have two computers attached to my router now, the internet becomes unusable on all the computers. I can see the ethernet lights show Gigabit connection orange, and green traffic, but then it blinks out, repeating every 10 seconds or so.

I am wondering if this trial has something to do with my problems. Or maybe it is just time for a new router...

Comment Re:Can't believe they released this shit (Score 1) 401

Worked fine for my for years and years, starting pre-phone with the Compaq Aero, thru my last phone the XV6700. It was either that or Palm, which was a comparable product. Neither was exceptional but they def worked.

I do have a Droid now tho, since the day it came out on Verizon. Not saying MS didn't squander an opportunity with it, but it did work.

Comment Re:torrent (Score 1) 198

Or maybe they have thought about doing that and realized that it isn't easy to implement, since many of the files are already broken up into various RAR files and in many cases password encrypted. All 'file detection' would do is move people just a little further down the 'hiding your files' curve for the uploaders. JDownloader or whatever would undoubtedly handle the complexity for the downloaders seamlessly.

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