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Comment Re:How about racism against Romney? (Score 2, Informative) 409

How about they do the same thing for Romney looking at the week before the election? There were a very large number of racist tweets against him - threats to assassinate, start riots, start fires, etc.

I don't understand this. "Don't go after the white folk racists! Them blacks is just as bad!" Why are we trying to shift the blame so that if some blacks call whites crackers and some whites call blacks niggers let's just call it even? How about we call them both out without downplaying one side OR the other. The "but they do it too" game is itself inherently racist because it detracts from the point that racism directed in any direction is immoral.

Comment Re:What did you expect from Jezebel? (Score 0) 409

Jezebel is about presenting everything in a way that makes liberal women outraged.

If a woman is outraged by Jezebel's content that proves that Jezebel's motives are to outrage. And if she isn't outraged then she simply isn't a liberal brainwashed sheep falling into the honey pot. You might just have an unbeatable argument there, were it not for the lack of supporting evidence (based in reality.)

Comment Re:niggers (Score 0) 409

Yeah I guess you're right. Let's ignore the word's history as a term of disparagement, accompanied with violence, because kids these days just stop short of carving the words 'faggot' or 'nigger' into someone's corpse.

Comment Re:Obligatory: (Score 0) 303

It's not a non-sequiter. It's an apt analogy of the mental capacity of a suicidal person to escape their suicidal tendencies: very slim without outside assistance. In both cases there will be a helpless victim. If someone is troubled enough to contemplate and engage in suicidal behavior then they are far from mentally healthy. I think it's time people start caring about victims in both of my hypothetical situations.

I find your misanthropic attitude disgusting. What happened to caring about the human condition? What happened to empathy and sympathy? Saying that people who kill themselves are doing it for attention - why don't you pursue the cause of their seeking the attention in the first place? Could it be that they are hurting and feel alone (probably thanks to uncaring assholes like you)? I mean seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you?

Comment Re:Obligatory: (Score 0) 303

I have a gun to someone else's head. Are you going to tell me to 'shoot!', for teh lulz?

Or, I'm on webcam with a gun to my head and the hammer pulled. You think it's fine to type out encouraging remarks?

If you don't have a problem with either in the sense of "total liberty" then this discussion can't go anywhere. But if you think the former is not okay but the latter is perfectly reasonable, and it is what a rational person should do in such a situation, then recognize that the person in the latter situation is held hostage by their own mental instability, and the attitude that anything goes when someone is having their own life held hostage reeks of ableism.

Comment Re:Obligatory: (Score 0) 303

The marketing person listening to that would recognize it as satire. The joke is that it isn't said like a joke, people in the audience get shock value humor (which was bill's schtick) from thinking it through, and they catch themselves identifying with this weaselly marketing exec slumping in his chair thinking to himself "I'll fuckin' do it!" But since there was no specific person in mind when he said that, just a stereotypical placeholder, of course he wouldn't be held accountable for any resulting suicides. It's reasonable to expect that when attending a stand-up act, offensive satire might be used, even in your direction, and to put your big boy pants and suit on and suck up anything leveled your way. But when an individual claims anywhere that they are depressed and plan on killing themselves, common sense says "Maybe I should leave this fucker alone or else he might just do that." Egging a person on to their demise isn't satire or humorous. It's just fucking sad and pathetic.

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