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Comment Very few people do jobs that exists 100 years ago (Score 1) 364

How many people reading this work in a job that existed 100 or even 50 years ago.

The vast majority of people working today do jobs that simply didn't exist before they where born.

It is also probable that the vast majority of people working now are doing a job that will end before they are dead.

Comment Testing old Windows (Score 1) 50

It becomes an interesting problem if you need to install an old XP, Vista or Windows 7 from the original ISO's (e.g. to diagnose a customer problem.) If you do need to update them or do anything from them you are out of luck because they don't know about anything other than SHA-1. You have to bring everything in via http or USB key.

Comment Re: Dear Apple fans: (Score 1) 471

The big advantage Foxconn has in China is the ability to build very large factories and campuses that can house the hundreds of thousands of employees needed to run those factories. China has over twenty cities with a population over five million and six over ten million. So lots of places with lots of people that are willing to do the work.

Comment Re: Dear Apple fans: (Score 3, Informative) 471

First it was an EU Commission.

Second the commission ruled that Ireland's tax rate (for this specific case) was too low.

Third Apple paid the tax required by the law in Ireland.

Fourth Ireland is appealing the decision.

Fifth it is unknown if the commission's ruling is enforceable on Ireland.

Comment Re:"Adult conversation next year?" (Score 1) 367

Actually the Burglars Association simply agreed heartily with the FBI proposal saying it would ensure increased revenue streams for its members as they increasingly move to online crime with much higher profits. There will also be fewer problems with Local Law Enforcement as they won't be seen out of doors with inappropriate tools or guns. We see a safer and brighter future for our members.

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