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Comment Re:Win7 (Score 1) 188

Couple that with Microsoft's heavy-handed treatment of developers of late (C# only for Windows Phone 7)

i love to demonize microsoft as much as the next guy, but ... C# is not the only development environment for WP7, there is also SilverLight, opening up development to a much broader developer audience.

not to mention that Android development tends to be Java based, and iOS development until very recently was ObjC only.

Comment just one page (Score 1) 549

[un]fortunately, i was only able to actually view one page, as when i went to click on a second link i received a "Database Error".

the most interesting thing was that more recent articles have a password. that makes me wonder:

is there only one password? is it: ' and 1 = 1 ---?

do users "share" passwords?

what happens when someone clicks the "share" link? does having multiple people visit from your "share" cause additional copyright infringement?

Comment Re:One thing I can't find (Score 1) 403

I have read that an Apple TV won't stream content on a NAS that can otherwise host an iTunes library; the library actually needs to be on a computer.

correct. the appletv uses the home sharing system instead of shared itunes libraries or a NAS. not optimal, but you can import other media into itunes as long as it is tagged correctly. (you can use lostify for this).

Comment Re:Based on what I saw in the article (Score 2, Interesting) 403

i'm curious what you're using for netflix on the device. i've tried understudy and boxee, and was sorely disappointed with the issues of both. i purchased the appletv solely for netflix support, but would still be happy to go back to just my mac mini (which is used for playing audio/video off the local network, hulu, boxee, sapphire, etc via front row).

Comment Re:What does this mean for manned exploration? (Score 2, Insightful) 324

Do you honestly think that if the Chinese get a toe-hold on the moon after spending tons of money that they're going to share it with everybody else

yeah, because the chinese are the only ones going to space? come on.

Have you ever read a history book?

and do you realize that russia is already launching hardware to ISS? and that the europeans have a thriving space program? you know, those people that we already work with on so many other things?

get real.

Comment Re:What does this mean for manned exploration? (Score 1) 324

If we're not going to move forward up there, other nations will. And we will have ceded the high frontier.

we will have ceded the high frontier to other ... humans? why must there still be a space race? we've already run that sprint. why not a more of a space marathon where we work together as a team, not direct competition?

Comment Re:In that I do not use NetFlix, I have some quest (Score 1) 262

When the movies are sent to you, do they arive in any type of packaging that indicate what type of movie you are getting?

Netflix sends movies in a Tyvek sleeve with a label with the title, plot synopsis, and a few other details. This, in turn, goes in a paper envelope that hides everything on the label, except a barcode. I don't know what is encoded in the barcode; if I had to guess, it's a unique identifier Netflix uses for inventory purposes. Without a way to tie that to a movie title, the only way someone's going to know what you're ordering from Netflix would be if someone intercepted your mail and pulled out the movie.

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