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Comment Re:Expect drama (Score 1) 161

I suppose, then, that from this video we can only assume that "JustAnotherOldGuy" **also** said "EVERYTHING is sexist, EVERYTHING is racist, EVERYTHING is homophobic, and you have to point it all out." I mean, if we can just ignore context for the sake of scoring political points against those with whom we disagree, then everything and anything is fair game.

Comment Re:I think you can dial back the drama (Score 1) 247

Consider that they have refused to communicate with backers for many months before these updates happened. And the latest update is to say how they're in the design stage, when the project was supposed to actually *build* something, and was handsomely funded to do so to the tune of over 6x their initial estimate. And that product was supposed to ship a full year before this latest update says they can ship the newly designed products. Excuse me if there isn't some cynicism on my part. I read this project as a "How to piss people off to the point they will sue you into poverty" primer.

Comment Re:Contractual obligations (Score 1) 247

if they have posted every couple weeks, it has only been to say "Thanks for all the positive comments" in a form letter. It is quite clear from the comments that none of them are in any way positive. Plus there is the fact that they asked for $50,000 and got $340,000+ and are only now beginning design and saying they don't have enough money to build what they promised in the first place. The latest update says they expect to ship in 30 weeks, but they've already missed two other ship dates since the project was funded. There are lots of flags all over if you delve into the comment history and see how these people have mishandled communication with their backers.

Comment Re:Bad investment (Score 1) 247

It's more a matter of wanting to be a part of something that could be "the next big thing" while it is still trying to get off the ground. I am very cautious about how I would like to invest my money, but I still like the idea of helping bring something innovative to the market. In the end, it comes down to the fact I have little faith that kickstarter will have anyone's interests but their own when it comes to scammers. KS's attitude seems to be "we got our money, too bad about yours" and that does not seem fair to me, as a backer of KS projects.

Comment Re:Failure depends on your personal definition (Score 1) 247

I honestly have no problem funding something from a reputable source. The only project I've participated in was a very reputable project. But when I read through the comments of the Eyez backers, and KS is telling them that their hands are tied and KS can do nothing whatsoever other than ask the project to update their backers, it makes me wonder how projects are vetted to be funded, if at all. if any Joe Sixpack can just put up a site with a flashy demo then flee the country once the money comes in, I don't see how KS can prevent this from becoming more and more frequent without a major revision to their TOS.

Comment Re:The real problem (Score 1) 247

I am continually getting the impression that the only difference between Kickstarter and a Nigerian 419 scam is that you have a chance of getting your money back if the project does not meet its funding goal. it would be nice if they could do something to assure backers that projects won't just take all the money and never show up again, although i'm not sure how that could be accomplished right now...

Submission + - At what point has a Kickstarter project failed? 2

skywiseguy writes: I have only used Kickstarter to back a single project so far, but one of the backers of that project pointed us to a project promising video capable glasses which was once one of the top 10 highest funded projects in Kickstarter history. After reading through the comments, it is obvious that the project has not met its expected deadline of "Winter 2011" but the project team rarely gives any updates with concrete information, all emails sent to them by backers get a form letter in reply, they routinely delete negative comments from their Facebook page, and apparently very soon after the project was funded, they posted pictures of themselves on a tropical beach with the tagline "We are not on a beach in Thailand." Their early promotions were featured on Engadget and other tech sites but since the project was funded they've rarely, if ever, communicated in more than a form letter. So at what point can a project like this be considered to have failed? And if you had backed a project with this kind of lack of communication from the project team, what would you consider to be the best course of action? Disclaimer: I have not backed this project, but I am very interested in funding Kickstarter projects and I do not want to get caught sending money to a less than reputable project. According to the above project's backers, Kickstarter claims to have no mechanism for refunding money to backers of failed projects and no way to hold the project team accountable to their backers. This does not seem like a healthy environment for someone who is averse to giving their money to scam artists.

Comment Re:You may not be able to convince him (Score 1) 254

actually, he complains all the time that the opponents of SOPA tell him the sky is falling when he does not think it is. so unbiased means something that does not resort to hyperbole to make the point. i'm pretty sure he will not be convinced, he actually said he'd like to see something *like* the DMCA but not like the DMCA to replace what has become of SOPA. but at least i want to make him understand the issue, as he does not seem to get it at all right now.

Submission + - How do you inform a non-technical person about the 1

skywiseguy writes: I know someone who continues to argue that the takedown of MegaUpload shows that the existing laws are not adequate and that we *need* SOPA/PIPA to protect the movie/music industries from offshore (non-US) piracy. I keep trying to inform him of the history the *AA's have brought to bear on the copyright laws and how these bills are something that will continue the abuse of copyright instead of ending piracy as they are claiming. He has no grasp on how DNS works, much less the internet in general. What can I do to show him how destructive these bills actually are, preferably with something that is as unbiased as possible?

Comment Re:Prevent the TSA? (Score 1) 241

except that the TSA does nothing but grope babies and keep you from taking toothpaste and contact lens fluid on a plane. i have personally lost two of those TSA "master lock" luggage locks because they either took them off and kept them, or cut them off and threw them away. either way, the TSA needs to go no matter who the government invents as the next boogeyman to frighten us all in our sleep.

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