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Comment Re:The horror! (Score 1) 2254

Firefox on linux has always had shitty performance for me on slashdot. I recently moved to Chrome and everything was totally fine, it still is with this new layout. I'm fairly sure Firefox Linux just has terrible JS performance.

Comment Re:I'm bracing myself (Score 2) 364

I have to say, It really depends on your intent. I live in the UK and get a pretty good 3G signal everywhere I go. I'm on a 500MB plan data wise, but I don't really find it to be an issue. In practice, I agree with that "download at home" message, but I don't agree with Verizon's motives or intentions for suggesting that.

Comment Re:Poor programmer? (Score 2) 279

Talking as someone who has been running half a dozen or so Minecraft servers for a few months, I've only seen more and more features added. If you think about it from a logical point of view, its quite easy to see why its causing so many problems. Aside from breaking server-side plugins every update (which is hardly unique to minecraft), there haven't been any major issues.

Comment Re:AnonOps part of the problem, not the solution (Score 0) 295

The whole point of anonymous is that there is nobody in charge. People post a lot of ideas on the *chan sites and certain IRC channels. The better or more entertaining ideas generate interest and end up actually happening. For every DDoS ever carried out by anonymous, there was a thousand other suggestions that got shot down.

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