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Comment Re:Wind and Solar are Environmental Disasters (Score 2) 502

Today, the electric car revolution is bringing in cheaper and cheaper high energy density lithium-ion batteries. These batteries will be used in on-grid and off-grid energy storage units.

This disruptive revolution has already started. I think even Trump will have difficulty in suppressing this American technology and the thousands of American jobs that go with it.

It is only a matter of time. Probably in 10 to 20 years, and coal will be dead worldwide as being too expensive (and too environmentally damaging).

Live the dream!

Comment Re:Wind and Solar are Environmental Disasters (Score 1) 502

Solar power will probably be cheaper in some sunny places like California, Arizona, and Nevada. Other places are too far north or have cloud cover. Solar may never work in those places.

Old technology solar panels worked at specific light frequencies and these frequencies can be blocked by clouds, Modern solar panel technology is moving towards working with a spectrum of light frequencies. Clouds do not block all the light from the sun and therefore modern solar panels are being designed to work in cloudy conditions.

Also the efficiency of solar panels are steadily increasing as the technology improves. This means that the size of the solar panels will reduce to get the same power rating as the old panels. Therefore, for a given area of land, the power capacity of a solar farm will increase as the technology improves. Meaning the overall costs will reduce and more power is produced.

In other words, even in cloudy conditions, solar installations can be viable.

Comment Re:Wind and Solar are Environmental Disasters (Score 1) 502

The next disruptive technology that is imminent is on-grid energy storage such as batteries. This will allow excess renewable energy to be stored in on-grid energy storage. Therefore, it will mitigate against the dark and calm winds.

Also domestic energy storage is now available in lithium-ion batteries so that solar power from your house can be stored for use during the night.

Live the dream!

Comment I thought state and religion were separate in US ? (Score 0) 1560

For a country that supposedly has a secular constitution there seemed to be more words spoken by the religious representatives than the politicians.

It seems that Islam was not represented ?

In the UK church and state are not separate but the people would not tolerate that much religious representation at a political event.

I am dismayed by the number of times "God" was referenced, sigh.

Comment Re:Does it really matter? Its market share is too (Score 1) 224

Don't forget about embedded systems where the Linux kernel is a major player, such as Android smartphones, home WiFi routers, TiVo set-top cable TV boxes, automotive systems, flat screen TVs, ..

Also don't forget super-computers as Linux is the main player there.

I bet there are more CPUs in the world running the Linux kernel than Microsoft's Windows.

Comment Re:Wood burning is not clean (Score 2) 111

However, don't forget that the Sun's habitable zone continues to move further out into space because the Sun's solar output is slowly increasing over millions of years. This triggered the thermal runaway of Venus due to the CO2 greenhouse effect. This means that as time goes by on Earth, the threshold level of the thermal runaway of the CO2 greenhouse effect slowly decreases. This means that for Earth to remain habitable, the CO2 level must be decreased to stay below the threshold. In others words, in the past a higher CO2 level was permissible as a bigger greenhouse effect (non-runaway) was needed to maintain global temperatures. We have 1 billion years left on Earth before the Sun is too hot and the Earth turns into a planet like Venus.

Comment Re:Elon Musk will advise how to waste billions (Score 5, Informative) 244

You do know that you are talking rubbish, right ?

If you looked carefully into how governments are run, you will come to the conclusion that many business sectors are subsidised via tax breaks from governments. Many companies get tax breaks such as for the Oil Extraction and Exploration companies. Different business sectors use different accounting methods and tax rules.

"very skilled in mismanaging money on a massive scale" if this were really true there would be a fraud case but no such case exists, Mr Musk is putting much of this money into constructing infrastructure. I suggest you wait another 10 years to see how these investments bring success.

"exploding rockets" is part of the rocket industry and is calculated into the costs and insurance. It is sad when rockets fail. The important thing is that lessons are learned from the failures as this knowledge can be used to improve the rockets.

"building self-crashing cars" is a false premise. The driver is still in charge of the car when the auto-pilot driver assist is used. You should compare traditional car crashes with crashes of electric cars (EV's) to come to the proper conclusion that EV's are safer. There will always be some horrific car crashes.

EV's will be the dominant form of transport within 20 years from now, You need to get used to it.

Comment Re:Babylonian Cuneiform? (Score 3, Informative) 140

Using computer modelling I suspect the location of the shadow of the eclipse is dependent on the spin rate of the Earth. Therefore, by knowing where people saw the eclipse and how much of the sun could be seen will be sufficient to calculate the rotational position of the Earth at the time of the eclipse. Then compare that position with the computer model. So knowing the exact time of the observations of the eclipse to the order of milliseconds is unnecessary.

Comment Re: "Likley grow" - Bullshit (Score 1) 275

The next wave of innovation is on-grid energy storage. This includes adding large scale battery storage but other techniques exist including pumped hydro. Battery based energy storage is already starting to appear in people's homes.

Therefore, the renewable power can be maximised by time shifting the power generation from the power consumption via use of on-grid energy storage.

On-grid energy storage will reduce the energy generation's swing between peak and troughs and will reduce the overall number of required power stations. This would also help nuclear power because excessive power could be stored so the nuclear power stations can run constantly at a higher generation level.

In other words, on-grid storage would eliminate the need for gas fired power stations.

Comment Re:Europe has a simple solution (Score 1) 623

Accidents happen, surely it is a good idea to reduce the impact of such accidents by using side impact protection ? These accidents also happen with ICE cars as well, right ?

Why put up with a poor design of semi-trailer, ask yourself that ?

The primary failure is the poorly designed semi-trailer that allows car's roofs to be ripped off in side impact accidents.
The secondary failure is the car taking no action to slow down before impact.

Had the semi-trailer had side impact protection, then the emergency braking radar (not autopilot) in the Tesla might have detected the side impact protection of the semi-trailer because the radar should have bounced off the protection instead of the radar beams all going through under the semi-trailer.

At least 30 years ago, Europe mandated that all trucks and trailers had side impact protection. When will the USA catch up ?

Comment Re: Er (Score 1) 623

In order for an impact to have occurred, the driver of the tractor-trailer had insufficient time to clear his vehicle off the carriage, Clearly, this points some responsibility to the driver of the "big rig".

In Europe, all tractor-trailers (articulated lorries) must have side impact protection. I cannot understand the logic applied in the USA of having vehicles on the road that allows cars to not to use the car's frontal crumple zones in side impact accidents with "big rigs".

It would be highly illegal to drive a USA "big rig" in Europe without side impact protection.

I suspect these type of accidents occur daily with ICE cars in the USA but no-one decides to do anything about it. If you fix the design of the semi-trailer then at least the front crumple zone of the car would be used in a side impact. At least that should increase the chances of surviving the accident by not ripping off the car's roof.

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