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Journal Journal: Bush rally requires 'loyalty oath'

Story's a little old, but: the Associated Press reports that people attending a Bush/Cheney rally in New Mexico were required to sign a "loyalty oath," giving their names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses and proclaiming their intention to vote for President Bush come November. Folks who asked were told the information was for "Secret Service stuff," and folks who didn't want to sign were denied admission. How long until the RNC -- I mean, the United States government (is there a difference?) - denies permits for any public gathering that isn't explicitly Republican?
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Journal Journal: status check

Haven't blogged for some time... I like message boards, but sharing intimate thoughts globally seems too close to exhibitionism for me.

Today I began organizing my expense reports for the fiscal year, and I didn't keep them as well as I ought. I do this too often I'm afraid.

On the other hand, the issues with connectivity to the North Campus are probably over. I've about had it with the goofy miscommunication over this issue. (But I'm not about to post my thoughts on a public website!)

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Journal Journal: Family...

Talked to Alex today... he says he's joining Slashdot! The Dude is getting serious!
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Journal Journal: Well...

Okay, maybe I will subscribe... damn that's inexpensive. I was afraid it would cost more.
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Journal Journal: Joined Slashdot

Don't think that I care about subscribing... I'm broke anyway. I mean seriously broke, broke in the MIDWEST. (And that means something.)

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