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Journal Journal: #32108

I remember when my college friends first told me about Slashdot. I read it, but put off the creation of an account for many months. When I finally got around to it, I thought to myself "Crap! I'm number 32,108!?! That's what I get for waiting so long: you don't get the coolness of being number 2,005." That was 7 years ago, or more, and since then hundreds of thousands more have signed up. It's sad when I rarely see any of the "old-timers" posting or commenting anymore. It's a rare day when I see anyone with an account number below 52000 comment on Slashdot.
Though, it's also good to see new faces and their well-written comments.
I just wonder where they all went to. Did Slashdot alienate them? Did they leave the technology world all-together?

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