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Comment How toxic are the fumes? (Score 1) 83

What I would rather not find out is what the burning of this gas smells like. I've heard of a cooking oil powered van that two guys took on a cross country trip from one side of the US to the other. Stopping and filling up at any fast food restaurant where they asked for used fry oil that was just going to get thrown out. It was said that where ever they drove, it smelled of French Fries. [citation needed]

Comment Re:Resistance is Futile (Score 2, Funny) 371

"Boring film... losing... consciousness." ----- (That's a tick reference for our younger viewers.)

It lost the funny when you included an explanation.

But what was not included was if the the reference was directed to our younger viewers explaining the quote as being from The Tick who might be too young to have yet learned about our large blue hero with funny antenna on the top of his head or whether it was to let everyone know that the poster was thinking of the children... You insensitive clod.


New Handheld Computer Is 100% Open Source 195

metasonix writes "While the rest of the industry has been babbling on about the iPad and imitations thereof, Qi Hardware is actually shipping a product that is completely open source and copyleft. Linux News reviews the Ben NanoNote (product page), a handheld computer apparently containing no proprietary technology. It uses a 366 MHz MIPS processor, 32MB RAM, 2 GB flash, a 320x240-pixel color display, and a Qwerty keyboard. No network is built in, though it is said to accept SD-card Wi-Fi or USB Ethernet adapters. Included is a very simple Linux OS based on the OpenWrt distro installed in Linksys routers, with Busybox GUI. It's apparently intended primarily for hardware and software hackers, not as a general-audience handheld. The price is right, though: $99."
PC Games (Games)

Blizzard vs. Glider Battle Resumes Next Week 384

trawg writes "You paid for it, you have the DVD in your drive and the box on the floor next to your desk, but do you own the game? That's the question the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals will rule on next week in the case between Blizzard, publisher of World of Warcraft, and MDY, publisher of the Glider bot. The Glider bot plays World of Warcraft for you, but Blizzard frowns on this, saying it voids the license agreement — you don't own the game, you only have a license to use it, and bots like Glider invalidate the license. The EFF has a good summary of the case as well. The case is due to be resumed on Monday."

3rd-Grader Busted For Jolly Rancher Possession 804

theodp writes "A third-grader in a small Texas school district received a week's detention for merely possessing a Jolly Rancher. Leighann Adair, 10, was eating lunch Monday when a teacher confiscated the candy. Her parents said she was in tears when she arrived home later that afternoon and handed them the detention notice. But school officials are defending the sentence, saying the school was abiding by a state guideline that banned 'minimal nutrition' foods. 'Whether or not I agree with the guidelines, we have to follow the rules,' said school superintendent Jack Ellis."

TSA Worker Jailed In Body Scan Rage Incident 352

A TSA worker in Miami was arrested for aggravated battery after he attacked a co-worker for making fun of the size of his genitals. Rolando Negrin walked through one of the new body scanners during a recent training session and a supervisor started making fun of his manhood. From the article: "According to the police report, Negrin confronted one of his co-workers in an employee parking lot, where he hit him with a police baton on the arm and back."

Submission + - Xtreme Systems Super Computer Challenge (

Mick R writes: The Xtreme Systems World Community Grid team is shooting for a spot on the Top !00 Super Computer list.
Xtreme Systems, a forum devoted to high performance overclocking and the like, field teams in a number of humanitarian projects like World Community Grid. Keen to show just how much computing power is available, the WCG team is mounting a challenge over the week of May 1st to 7th, hoping to crack the Top Supercomputers list. Anyone interested should go check out both the WCG main site ( and the Xtreme Systems WCG team forum ( for details.


Submission + - The Pirate Party of Canada is official! 3

wasme writes: The Pirate Party of Canada (PPCA) has become the first Pirate Party outside of Europe to become an official political party. Elections Canada confirmed with the party on the 12th that the PPCA has gained "eligible for registration" status, and can run in elections starting June 14, 2010. Read the Party's official announcement:

"We are pleased to announce that as of April 12, 2010, the Pirate Party of Canada (PPCA) is officially eligible for Party Status.

After ten months of dedication and hard work, we have reached eligible status, which only leaves a 60-day “purgatory” period. After that, we will field candidates in subsequent federal elections, and begin the real work of a political party."

Submission + - Fuel Cell-Powered Nomad Plants Sustain Themselves (

MikeChino writes: Mexican artist Gilberto Esparza has unleashed a legion of robotic “Nomad Plants” that rove along riverbanks in search of resources to sustain themselves. Each one utilizes a microbial fuel cell to convert contaminants in polluted rivers into energy, and they then use that energy to clean more water. Esparza calls Nomad Plants a “metaphor for the alienated human condition and the impact that our activity has on nature.”

Submission + - Darkness Within 2 : The Dark Lineage Interview (

An anonymous reader writes: recently had the opportunity to interview Onur Samli, Developer for Darkness Within 2: The Dark Lineage ,about the highly anticipated upcoming follow-up to the successful Dark Lineage franchise. Darkness Within 2: The Dark Lineage is a first-person 3D adventure – horror thriller video game that’s being published by Iceberg Interactive.

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