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Comment Ridiculous last sentence (Score 2) 329

Does the person posting this really think that RIM is happy to hand over data to foreign governments? They make their money off of business users who will not be happy about this change. They simply have no choice when governments say give us access or we will ban you. I don't know hope anybody could think that it is in RIM's business interests to make its valuable business customers' data available to foreign governments.

Comment Google already had this feature (Score 5, Interesting) 345

What really pisses me off is that google already had this feature. Personalized search results used to let you relegate some websites to the bottom and mark some results and sites as being more important. It was incredibly useful when filtering out garbage spam sites. Google also said were would be able to share these in some way to improve search results. Then for no reason they removed that feature and replaced it with the ability to put a gold star on some results. Of course the benefit of the feature was in relegating spam up the bottom of the page and you could no longer do that. When they removed they feature I stopped using the feature entirely. Now google is backtracking by introducing this extension. What was entre point of removing the original feature which worked on all browsers?

Comment Re:Tuition increases! (Score 1) 828

From the article -- "Tuitions now are twice what they were 25 years ago".

Hmm, I started at the University of Texas almost 25 years ago. Tuition has gone up by a factor of *10* since then.

(Seriously -- it was about $400 per semester back then, and now it's over $4000/semester now.)

Back then, I put myself through college. No loans. Not sure that kids could do that now ...

They are likely referring to inflation adjusted dollars, not absolute amounts, because you can't actually compare a dollar value from 25 years ago to a dollar value today. Those numbers just aren't equivalent. To compare them you have to include inflation.

Comment I need stability (Score 3, Interesting) 319

I still use Opera + IE6. Why IE6? Stability. These damn browsers never give up the memory they've taken, although chrome does a better job because it actually runs each tab in a seperate process. With IE6 I open a window, browse youtube, close site, and the memory is returned. I use Opera with javascript turned off, a low overhead browser that will save all my pages if a crash occurs.

Comment Seriously? (Score 4, Insightful) 574

The new yahoo mail looks like outlook, but it's more annoying since it's isn't as useful (no newsgroups). I much prefer gmail, the interface is fluid, intuitive and comfortable, and it's oh so pretty! I don't think copying the look of e-mail software should be the next step for webmail.

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