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Comment Re:They take photos? (Score 1) 324

Funny story: I used to work for FedEx and we had a package fall off of our conveyor and into a puddle (it was winter, there was snow melt from the trucks). As is SOP we took the package out of the box to repackage and relabel it. Inside there was t-shirt wrapped around a cat food container containing potpourri and a plastic baggie. Long story short one of our drivers got to be involved in a police sting and the person who was receiving the package was arrested upon signing for the package.

Comment Re:Early Crimefighting Crowdsourcing in Salem (Score 1) 270

No, no, and a million times no. The USA has not manufactured the monsters it deserves. Perhaps the government of the US has, but the problem is that when terrorists attack they don't attack the government they attack people, and in quite a few situations attack totally innocent people that have nothing to do with the government that has wronged them and their countries. Say that these guys get released, they obviously hate the united states, and they fly into a building that I work at... how can you claim that I have manufactured a monster that I deserve? I didn't open gitmo, I hate the idea of it, and I sure as hell didn't send a bunch of planes to the middle east to bomb the shit out of civilians. I didn't even vote for the government that did. This is the problem, the government pisses people off but they aren't the ones that take heat for it, the citizens are.

Comment Re:Some other relevant stories (Score 1) 270

This is actually one thing I have noticed. I'm not sure if it is a reaction to there being so much bullshit propagated by the "real" news-media and the police wanting to make sure some actual facts slipped through, or simply police realizing that transparency can help an investigation, but I've seen more information much sooner than I would expect in an investigation such as this. The fact that the FLIR imagery from the suspect in the boat was released to the public at all, and especially so soon, seemed shocking to me. The police announcing over the radio that they had captured the suspect, and that he was the suspect wanted for the bombings immediately after they captured him also seems abnormal to me, especially since they were very clearly aware that their radio chatter was being broadcast worldwide over the internet.

Comment Re:TWEENS!! (Score 0) 112

I'm guessing your entire comment was written sarcastically because I could not do anything but laugh as I read it. I sure hope so at least, otherwise I am truly worried about you. I also like how Tea Party is the new hip insult. Do you know what the Tea Party is, or do you just suggest anyone you don't like must be a member? Not a thing in my comments would have suggested any sort of alignment with the ideals of the Tea Party, so I must assume you are also just an idiot. The final hilarious part of your comment is you suggesting that I am defending Facebook or something, despite me not mentioning the company even once in my post. Actually, come to think of it, I am not convinced you read either my post or the one i was responding to. That makes more sense to me.

Comment Re:50mph? in your dreams. (Score 1) 81

Step 1) Google warthox. Step 2) Watch videos Step 3) Stand (or sit, I don't care) corrected. I can hit almost 20 mph with my $40 Chinese micro quad, hitting 50 is relatively trivial for a more expensive/powerful machine. Efficiency begins to matter less when you are trying to potentially save a life, especially when your aircraft is unmanned and expendable.

Comment Re:50mph? in your dreams. (Score 1, Insightful) 81

I offer a challenge: fly a fixed wing aircraft to a man in water. Stop the plane, throw down life preservers, and stay exactly above the swimmer with a beacon light to guide rescue swimmers in. I bet at the beginning of the second sentence fuel efficiency stops mattering as you fall out of the sky and the quad copter begins laughing maniacally. Rotary wing aircraft exist, and are used because despite the small disadvantages they also offer one huge advantage as well. There is a reason rotary wing is used over fixed wing in rescue operations, and it isn't because they forgot to ask your opinion.

Comment Re:OMFG DRONED (Score 1) 81

I'm not really scared for my privacy at all, whoever is wiretapping me has the most boring job ever. I am active on RCGroups, somewhat active here, and spend a lot of time looking at tower hobbies, xheli, nitroplanes, banggood, and tmart. I call and text my parents, my fiancee, and various people from work. I almost exclusively email people from work, and I travel to and from Syracuse as needed for medical treatment for my son. Hopefully I just saved the FBI some time and resources. There's little they couldn't just find on my Facebook if they wanted to know any of that. I understand why other would be concerned about privacy but I quite simply couldn't care less. I don't believe government invading my privacy has made me safer or anything, but it truly has no effect on my life.

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