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Comment I like it (Score 1) 120

This works. Uses systemd already which looks like something arch will be going too... so saves a little hassle, especially if you are new to arch. I ran the xfce version and no hassles. Bridge Linux is cool too, and has a nice post-install script which I really like. It's weird to think of installing Arch so easily... but it seems to be picking up steam!

Comment Re:Memory lane... Stormix? (Score 1) 238

Libranet also, I was sad to see them go. If I remember right one of the founders died? That was the first Debian distro to install easily imo. It was the only time I paid money for a Linux Desktop, and at the time it was well worth it. Ubuntu started up about a year after that maybe, and I was real happy installing their first beta, no more monkeying with shit for an hour just to get on the internet. I've had the same Arch install for 2 years now, things have come a long way!

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