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Submission + - How to Contact Representatives and Senators?

skine writes: Based on a post from GumphMaster, I believe that a bill such as Section 54 of Australia's Constitution would benefit the US.

The proposed law which appropriates revenue or moneys for the ordinary annual services of the Government shall deal only with such appropriation.

However, any attempt to contact my Senators or Congressman yield only a notice that their offices are closed to email, phone, and mail until the shutdown is ended. Granted, I wouldn't expect my Congressman or Senators to actually read or listen to any email, voicemail message, or letter I send under normal circumstances. So, really, how do I get the attention of my representatives in Congress?

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Submission + - Traveling Cross Country and The Internet

skine writes: This summer, I'll be taking a road trip across the US over the course of about five weeks. What I'm looking for a is a way to stay connected over the course of the trip. Our group will either have one or possibly two laptops, so I've been considering a MiFi type device — but we don't necessarily need both connected to the internet. The biggest issue I have in searching is that I'll only need 3G access for the five weeks, as opposed to the advertised two-year plans.

I tend to be a heavy internet user at home, and hundreds of miles of downtime between stops makes a 500MB plan less than desirable. Also, with a higher cap (a pitiful 5GB in general), I'm still concerned about the cost per MB after the 5GB has been used up.

I'm currently a Verizon customer, but have no loyalty to them. I just want to find the most cost effective way to stay connected over this period.

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