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Comment Re:Interesting, but compiler settings aren't optim (Score 2) 57

I run Gentoo!!!

Besides that, I did some very recent Intel CPU benchmarking as I tried to figure out IPC gains over CPU generations. I ran my benchmarks on GCC 4.8/4.9/5.2 and LLVM 3.6 on Nehalem and Ivy Bridge. I also included march=generic vs march=native. Quick summary: For generic integer/floating-point code, the Intel Core-i7 CPUs don't actually benefit much from optimizations for newer architectures, especially on x86-64. The exception here is that 32-bit generic FPU x87 code is slower than SSE2, but the latter is always available in x86-64. Actually, sometimes GCC even produced worse code for march=native on Ivy Bridge.

The above actually makes sense to me. Starting from Nehalem, the internal CPU microarchitecture hasn't changed that much and the new instructions tend to be quite specific. Of course the newer generations have lots of small optimizations, more op execution units, bigger reorder buffers and caches, a bit faster ALUs and other units, and so on. But nothing drastic that would require a new instruction scheduler, for example. Pentium 4 was, of course, a completely different beast that tends to perform badly if the code is not targeted properly due to its excessive pipeline length.

OTOH, for specialized things such as video decoding/encoding, the libraries tend to do run-time CPU detection and use different code paths based on what is available. For example, FFmpeg does this (or at least mplayer did), and AFAIK OpenSSL does this for AES, too.

Bottom line: So, even if I'm a Gentoo user, I wouldn't worry too much about march=generic.

Comment Re:Fingerprint database, anyone? (Score 3, Insightful) 773

Besides, I was talking about a worldwide fingerprint db. I, for example, am not a US citizen.

Anyway, my concern is not NSA. My main concern is organized crime. In the future we're likely to have lots of gadgets unlocked by a fingerprint. Cars, house door locks, whatever. When phones have built-in capabilities for transmitting fingerprints to centralized databases, it's only a matter of time until someone is able to tap into that data. Someone breaks into your house and your insurance company won't pay for damages because the fingerprint sensor says you let them in...

Comment Re:Debian, etc (Score 1) 313

Gentoo 64-bit on Core-i7 + NVIDIA GTX 260. I played Serious Sam 3 during the beta and I just tested the original Half-life yesterday. I have experienced no serious problems, only some minor Gentoo packaging-related glitches early December during the beta. Yesterday I installed the Steam client to my laptop (Ivy Bridge, Intel HD4000, Gentoo) and the installation went smoothly from the steam portage layout. HL seemed to ran fine on that machine, too.

Comment Hooray! (Score 1) 313

I played Serious Sam 3 month ago during the beta. Bought yesterday SS3 DLC plus the original Half-life. The latter seems to run perfectly on my Intel HD4000-based laptop (SS3 will surely not...)

I'd expect that some of the big titles are bound to come to Linux if and when Steambox finds traction. Many of the big titles are already ported to Mac OSX, which of course, means OpenGL instead of DirectX.

I look for the day when I can finally and permanently delete my Windows partition, which exists solely for gaming purposes.

Comment Re:Interview of Executive Director of TTVK (Score 4, Insightful) 82

I read the same interview. To me, it seems that the director does not really know much about copyrights and is doing his best to avoid direct answers to simple questions. His best is not very good, though.

Basically he's saying that it's OK to rip the layout and the source code of a web site if you change the logo. And that there's no ideological problem whatsoever. I wonder whether anyone is going to cite that in legal cases against TTVK...

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