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Submission + - Arthur C. Clarke dead at age 90

J Michael writes: "I was saddened to read today that Arthur C. Clarke is reportedly dead at age 90. Wired has this interview with the author. I remember reading "Childhood's End" in 1980 and think of it as my introduction to science fiction. Once I had read it, I devoured every book by Clarke I could grab at my local libraries. In recent years, Clarke's health has been failing and he has been living in Sri Lanka. The Washington Post has this story."

Submission + - CDW to be acquired by Madison Dearborn Partners LL

Justin Michael writes: Madison Dearborn Partners LLC, a private equity firm, has agreed to acquire CDW. The price offered is a significant rise on the May 25 price and CDW stock is reacting to the news. CDW sells via the Internet and retail stores, which distinguishes it from many of its Internet only or big-box only competitors. CDW has done its own acquisitions, including Berbee Information Networks and MicroWarehouse.

Submission + - MySpace and Social Networks contribute to Phishing

skidv writes: While this comes as no surprise, the SANS Internet Storm Center has an interesting diary entry about the ease of phishing once a social network profile like those on MySpace has been compromised. From the article:

According to an Indiana University study, 72% of individuals who received phishing messages spoofed to come from their social network acquaintances were fooled. In contrast, only 15% of the recipients were fooled when the messages came from an unknown party. Clearly, scammers have a strong incentive to data-mine social networks when crafting phishing campaigns.

Submission + - Gas Smell Pervades New York City

Justin Michael writes: Many locations in Manhattan are reporting the smell similar to the one that is often injected into Natural Gas. Some reports indicate that the smell is being reported across the Hudson river in New Jersey.

The smell is quite strong in my midtown office. The building management has shut off the outside air and requested that we don't smoke.

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