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Comment Re:This tweet (FTFA) shows how screwed up it is. (Score 1) 192

I know they have a patent on PageRank, but that's a different matter.

IANAL, but I suspect that google has more than one patent. The fact that you know that they have one patent has no relation on another patent they might have.

Do you have a link that talks about a patent for the Google home page?


Comment Re:Nope (Score 1) 366

I'm fairly sure that the lady who sits at the desk behind me at work uses an FTP client to upload orders to one of our suppliers. God knows why it happens that way.

Comment Re:Ow ow ow. (Score 1) 530

I should add (for full disclosure) that I just edited the entry for minor aspects of appearance (added a list where there previously was a paragraph of list items) and for clarity. If you disagree with any of the changes I made, obviously feel free to revert them; I don't think that they are in any way controversial, however.

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