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Comment Temporal entanglement? (Score 1) 114

Suppose you have two entangled particles, and you put one in a space ship which travels at relativistic speeds for a while. The ship comes back, and 100 years have passed for the other particle. Would the particles still be entangled? If so, what would happen to the other when one's state changes?

Comment Forces me to think (Score 2, Interesting) 94

I do this....I write a lot of notes or play witrh my phone to an extend during meetings.

I find that catching bits and pieces forces me to try harder to put things together and understand them, and so I end up understanding things better.

Also, if I try too hard to pay attention, I worry about paying attention more than what I am supposed to be paying attention to. When I do other things, it puts my mind at ease, and I can relaxedly listen.

Comment Re:Science includes BOTH strengths and weaknesses (Score 1) 344

That, I think, is the problem: people do not want to progress (which is why we would focus on usefulness)--they just want their "truth." People these days just want their happy little families and to sit on their asses, watching their TVs. We no longer care about progression, and we are happy with our middle-class lives. The religious types put their hope in their god, others, like many on this site, put it in the future. There is less of the latter. To me, putting hope in a god seems like a solution to keeping the masses happy and dumb.

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