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Submission + - Streaming World Cup; what's being used? 2

skeezix-the-cat writes: What's everyone using to watch streaming live-action of World Cup Soccer? Using justin.tv I got lucky for England-US; it took a while longer to find a decent feed of Germany-Australia. Since then I've found doodly. Brazil-North Korea seemed unavailable anywhere; either blobs of unidentifiable pixels moving around the screen, or come-on sites featuring series of cycling pictures (or worse). I'm wasting a lot of time looking for decent feeds, and finding nothing. Don't even get me STARTED on using search engines. Google has been a MORASS of useless links.
So, I throw this out to the greater slashdot community, who I figure harbor more than its share of devious feed-scarfing soccer-philes; exactly where are the good, reliable online FEEDS for World Cup games?

Comment Television......what a waste. (Score 2, Interesting) 275

The trite reply to this article is -DON'T watch it-. I threw out my TV in 2000; I have a Mac, w/ great DVD capability, I rent stuff that's really great --Ken Burns stuff (jazz..), The Sopranos (isn't organized crime SO MUCH MORE interesting than the disorganized variety?), HBO and Showtime specials..... Other than that, TV is a wasteland. Go re-rent Clooney's 'Goodnight and Good Luck', pay attention to this gracious man's words about television. Show your kids.... But mostly, TV's PURE drek. DREK!! Makes kids stupid, and adults, even stupider. DON'T DO IT!! Resist your corporate overlords!! cheers, skeezix-the-cat.

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