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Comment Re:Matrix was not bad (Score 1) 640

That being said, I haven't bothered to watch either of the last two movies because they're not legitimate matrix movies. They use the same characters and effects, but with Neo winning in the first movie there's no way for the series to continue without resorting to something really lame.

Maybe you should actually watch them before shitting all over them? And I also don't know what you're talking about, the first movie was way open ended.

Comment Re:Wall Street rules (Score 1) 299

There is a school of thought which says that if you vote, you're accepting the legitimacy of the system and the outcome and if you lost, you should just sit down and shut up. There is also a school of thought which says that by not voting you are forfeiting your voice and you should just sit down and shut up. Both of these arguments are usually employed by smug supporters of the status quo.

I'm not smug, nor a supporter of the status quo. However, the latter is a valid point. If the ONE thing we get in the constitution when it comes to having a say in our government is ignored, you absolutely are forfeiting your voice.

Voting for Rand Paul or Ru Paul or Ralph Nader or Mickey Mouse doesn't change anything either.

What if Mickey got 40% of the vote?

You're well within your rights to just give up and hate the ugly nebulous 'system', but it's just people we're talking here. You're one of them, like it or not. Just because they're outside of your monkeysphere doesn't mean they don't exist or are some 'system' out to get you. You're still one of us, like it or not.

Comment Re:Wall Street rules (Score 1) 299

Convincing you your vote matters is how they maintain their control over you. You're a fool if you think you can change anything by voting.

You got that exactly backwards. The two controlling parties want to make you think your vote does not count, so you won't bother coming out to vote. The non-voters are a strong base. If they all get into the process, that is when unpredictable things happen. Like it or not, that is exactly how Obama got elected. A lot of new and disillusioned non-voters like yourself actually came out to the voting booth.

You're unecessarilly jaded and cynical if you believe things can't be changed by votes. Do us all a favor and go put your vote into some 'crackpot' 3rd party that you never think could win. The more votes 3rd parties get, the more the 2 majors will have to change to keep up. At the very least it shows them there is a possiblity that they might not have neverending control and think twice when they do ridiculous shit that nobody likes

Comment Re:Heh (Score 1) 541

Do a tiny bit of research before spouting your mouth off, man. Here it is, straight from the NIH/CDC site:

A concept of protecting a community against certain diseases by having a high percentage of the communitys population immunized. (Sometimes referred to as "herd" immunity). Even if a few members of the community are unable to be immunized, the entire community will be indirectly protected because the disease has little opportunity for an outbreak. However, with a low percentage of population immunity, the disease would have great opportunity for an outbreak.


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