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Comment Re:60mph!? (Score 1) 155

Whoever wrote this is (willfully or otherwise) ignorant of the driving conditions on UK motorways. Driving at 60mph is basically impossible - you either have to get in the slow line behind the lorries and go slower, or get in the middle or fast lane and drive ~80mph. Yes, the speed limit is technically 70mph. In most part of the country, nobody gives a crap.

So the range is nearly irrelevant; the car is unsuitable for motorway driving so you won't be taking it any distance at all.

That's not true... I watch Top Gear and everyone in the UK drives a supercar (sideways) on empty roads in the Lake District. To be fair you have to watch out for constantly crashing caravans though.

Comment Re:Sports car != 0-60mph (Score 1) 213

For the thousandth time, a low 0-60 time does not make your car a sports car. There is so much more to a sports car than raw acceleration. The Miata is 3x slower than a Tesla to 60mph but it's ten times the sports car. Go drive one and use a manual transmission.

This is an article about Porsche making an electric sports car. Porsche knows a thing or two about sports cars.

Parent was a reply to all the "Tesla is a sports car" comment.

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