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Comment Re:60mph!? (Score 1) 155

Whoever wrote this is (willfully or otherwise) ignorant of the driving conditions on UK motorways. Driving at 60mph is basically impossible - you either have to get in the slow line behind the lorries and go slower, or get in the middle or fast lane and drive ~80mph. Yes, the speed limit is technically 70mph. In most part of the country, nobody gives a crap.

So the range is nearly irrelevant; the car is unsuitable for motorway driving so you won't be taking it any distance at all.

That's not true... I watch Top Gear and everyone in the UK drives a supercar (sideways) on empty roads in the Lake District. To be fair you have to watch out for constantly crashing caravans though.

Comment Re:Sports car != 0-60mph (Score 1) 213

For the thousandth time, a low 0-60 time does not make your car a sports car. There is so much more to a sports car than raw acceleration. The Miata is 3x slower than a Tesla to 60mph but it's ten times the sports car. Go drive one and use a manual transmission.

This is an article about Porsche making an electric sports car. Porsche knows a thing or two about sports cars.

Parent was a reply to all the "Tesla is a sports car" comment.

Comment Re:Doubtful (Score 1) 904

This makes it popular and gives it a party trick (insane mode) but doesn't do much for driving enjoyment.

Party trick? You could say that.

Get back to me when anyone ever has that much fun with an M3. :-)

Yeah, like that never gets old. I've had fast cars and slow cars and it was always the car that communicated with you the most that was the most rewarding to drive. There is so much more to driving then acceleration...

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