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ASCAP Seeks Licensing Fees For Guitar Hero Arcade 146

Self Bias Resistor writes "According to a post on the Arcade-Museum forums, ASCAP is demanding an annual $800 licensing fee from at least one operator of a Guitar Hero Arcade machine, citing ASCAP licensing regulations regarding jukeboxes. An ASCAP representative allegedly told the operator that she viewed the Guitar Hero machine as a jukebox of sorts. The operator told ASCAP to contact Raw Thrills, the company that sells the arcade units. The case is ongoing and GamePolitics is currently seeking clarification of the story from ASCAP."

Treading the Fuzzy Line Between Game Cloning and Theft 235

eldavojohn writes "Ars analyzes some knockoffs and near-knockoffs in the gaming world that led to problems with the original developers. Jenova Chen, creator of Flower and flOw, discusses how he feels about the clones made of his games. Chen reveals his true feelings about the takedown of Aquatica (a flOw knockoff): 'What bothers me the most is that because of my own overreaction, I might have created a lot of inconvenience to the creator of Aquatica and interrupted his game-making. He is clearly talented, and certainly a fan of flOw. I hope he can continue creating video games, but with his own design.' The article also notes the apparent similarities between Zynga's Cafe World and Playfish's Restaurant City (the two most popular Facebook games). Is that cloning or theft? Should clones be welcomed or abhorred?"

Comment Re:Warner Music Group claims copyright (Score 3, Interesting) 423

MySpace would rather delete and account then do ANY fact checking. This happened to me and my music. Everything was fine for about a year, and then *poof* the page was gone. I asked why, and I got a generic response about violating the TOS. I asked for more specifics, but I was not given any more details. I was told touch luck, build a new page. It goes without saying I didn't build a new page. The previous page I set up didn't get that many hits anyway.

Comment Re:Scroll Lock? (Score 1) 939

Couldn't agree more. My KVM uses the same hotkey. Most useless button on my machine is the Windows key. Unless I am using a machine that does not have a mouse. Then it's handy. I work with machines that have touchscreens, hence the use of a machine without a mouse. Kind of sucks when the touchscreen controller goes out, or when the touchscreen itself goes bad.

Comment Wondering... (Score 1) 161

How are they going to tie this one up. After Season 6 or 7 the creative force/writing team split. Both released separate books that tried to tie up the loose ends. I just wonder which version, if either, are they going to try to follow.

Comment Re:Libertarian (Score 1) 1010

and it's this kind of thinking that keeps it a ONE party system (rich people) masquerading as a two party system. Vote for who you think will do a good job, not the "lesser of two evils." Lesser evil is still evil. Lesser stupidity is still stupid, etc. etc. Look, it's one guy holding up two puppets. Vote for somebody that doesn't have another guy's fist up his ass.

Submission + - Flying Cars are here!

An anonymous reader writes: POINT ROBERTS, WASHINGTON — (MARKET WIRE) — 02/14/07 — Skyflyer Inc. the "Company") announced today that, subject to available financing, it is planning to commence construction of its prototype for the Skyflyer VTOL (vertical take-off and landing vehicle) within the next few months. The Skyflyer VTOL is a one to two-seater flying machine, designed to be piloted by members of the general public without the need for extensive training. This aircraft, designed by the Company, is expected to be usable in a variety of recreational and passenger applications. The current design contemplates that the Skyflyer will operate within an electronically and/or physically controlled airspace. Actual construction and testing of the initial prototype is expected to take approximately 6 months. The motor driven flying machine is expected to be able to take-off and land vertically, and its design gives it a spaceship-type look. The prototype is expected to have a diameter of approximately 4 m, with a height of 1.8 m, and a weight of approximately 700 kg. It is expected to have a rate of take-off of 0.1 m/s and a horizontal speed capability of 0 to 60 km/h. The general flight and control characteristics of the Skyflyer are expected to be somewhat similar to that of a helicopter. For safety reasons, the Company also expects to equip the Skyflyer with a GPS navigation system, remote controls enabling ground personnel to take control of the aircraft, and distance sensors. Subject to the Company obtaining financing in an amount sufficient to enable it to fund its development program, the first flight and data tests are expected to be conducted by the end of this year. In addition to its plans for the Skyflyer itself, the Company has been planning the development of a testing and demonstration facility to be located in Wegberg-Wildenrath, Germany. Subject to financing, the Company hopes to have this testing and demonstration facility operating in 2008. This planned facility will be used to test the flight characteristics of the Skyflyer, to simulate and control various flight plan concepts, and to optimize the system software for the Skyflyer and other equipment. The Company hopes that its Skyflyer VTOL aircraft will revolutionize the leisure and entertainment business. The Company believes that, as an attraction, the Skyflyer could surpass even giant indoor ski slopes and the most spectacular fairground ride. The Company hopes that the Skyflyer will be able to bring to reality humanity's dreams of flying personal aircraft.

Submission + - No plans for Windows 7 in 2009

Samarin writes: Microsoft has clarified that they have no plans to ship a new version of Windows in 2009: "We are not giving official guidance to the public yet about the next version of Windows, other than that were working on it. When we are ready, we will provide updates." Seems like Microsoft heard the laughing all the way in Redmond, and decided to retract Ben Fathis's comments (previous /. coverage).

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