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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Puppet training freelancers

skalwani writes: Since puppet is becoming a very popular platform for automation and config management, are there any freelancers out there who can provide training on site? yes I am well aware of puppet.com and their training resources, but I seek onsite personal instructional delivery with perhaps subsequent ability to gain certification.

Comment Re:Standing on the Shoulders of Giants (Score 1) 173

To your specific point: "hardly any engineers quit NASA to join ISRO", they do not need to. Many of the underlying technologies come from a variety of sources. All you need is a few to be the mentors or lead. ISRO has been around for a long time and so they do have a depth of their own experiences, plus what ever talent is developed locally or by folks who learn from others in stints in Europe, USA, etc. ISRO has also lots of experience since 1950s? It would be interesting to learn how much COTS stuff went into their MOM (% wise...) AFAIK,ISRO folks who do share whatever is possible and makes sense. I have worked with a few ISRO folks and they have shared and published whatever they can. I totally agree 100% with the rest of your observations.

Comment Re:With a budget of 74M ,,, (Score 1) 173

It varies: I mentioned earlier in another response: it is the ones who went back and mentored the bulk of the ISRO folks - which helps explain a lot of recent successes. ISRO has also has had their fair share of mistakes too. As for the $74 million cost - lot has to do with the salaries being a major factor. Same projects can cost different amounts depending upon where the bulk of the work is performed.

Comment Re:With a budget of 74M ,,, (Score 1) 173

Slight correction: a few do go back and actually share what they have learnt. Many of these then mentor or guide many many legions of promising researchers, engineers and techs - so they overall help make an impact. I do not see what that is such a big deal. It is always good to learn from mistakes, does not matter who makes them.

Submission + - more fallout from NSA shenanighans (itnews.com)

skalwani writes: The fallout from NSA actions continues. Long expected but even allies are moving their important data away from storage on US shores, gives new meaning to the new term "offshoring"!

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