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Submission + - Japanese firm showcases 'touchable' 3-D technology (japantimes.co.jp)

skade88 writes: Unveiling technology that generates touchable 3-D imagery, developers said Monday objects that only exist in the virtual world could be manipulated as if they were real.

Officials of Miraisens, a high-tech firm based outside Tokyo, said the technology, which can be used to improve the gaming experience or allow someone to physically shape objects that exist only on a computer, will soon be available for purchase.

“Touching is an important part of human communication, but until now virtual reality has lacked it,” Chief Executive Natsuo Koda said.

“This technology will give you a sense that you can touch objects in the 3-D world,” said Koda, a former virtual reality researcher for Sony Corp.

It works by fooling the brain, blending what the eye sees with different patterns of vibration created by a small fingertip device, said Norio Nakamura, the inventor of so-called 3D-Haptics Technology and chief technical officer at the firm.

In one demonstration of a prototype head-mounted display, the company showed how the wearer can feel resistance by pushing virtual buttons.

Submission + - Google makes Quantum physics Minecraft mod (theverge.com)

skade88 writes: "We built the Quantum A.I. Lab to explore the potential of quantum computing, and figure out what questions we should be asking," says the the Lab Team ina post on Google+. "One question is clear," the post reads. "Where will future quantum computer scientists come from? Our best guess:Minecraft." Millions of kids aren't just digging caves in Minecraft, they say, but are building assembly lines, space shuttles, and evenprogrammable computers. The mod is an effort to get these same kids thinking about physics in a playful new way.

Submission + - Tropical Storm Karen poised to hit US Gulf Coast this weekend (noaa.gov)

skade88 writes: Tropical Storm Karen has formed in the Gulf of Mexico. The storm is expected strengthen into a hurricane late Friday or Early Saturday. Karen is expected to make landfall along the Alabama and Florida coast early Sunday morning. Eastern Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida are under a hurricane watch. Now is the time to stock up on Food (for your family and your pets), medical supplies and water if you plan to ride out the storm. If you plan to evacuate be sure to leave early enough so you are not caught in your vehicle when the storm impacts your route.

Submission + - Shots fired at US Capital (nbcnews.com)

skade88 writes: The United States Capital has been put on lock down after shots were fired. Reports indicate a policeman was injured.

Submission + - Creator of Mega Man launches Kick Starter (forbes.com)

skade88 writes: The creator of Mega Man is not happy with the current state of Japanese made video games. He feels there is a lack of innovation in new titles made in Japan. He hopes to help revive quality Japanese made video games on the current generation of hardware and gamers after having a successful Kick Starter.

Submission + - Google fiber coming to Austin (google.com)

skade88 writes: Google Fiber will roll out in Austin with the first homes hooked up in mid 2014. The delay is due to the fact that a whole new fiber network will be deployed for the service. This will only be deployed in the Austin City limits. Google says in early 2014 they will allow people in Austin register their address for service. Google will deploy to neighborhoods with the most interest. Google Fiber will also start hiring employees soon. Wanna be the most popular guy in town? Become the GF man!

Submission + - United States begins stealth bombing runs over South Korea. (nytimes.com)

skade88 writes: The New York Times is reporting that the United States of America has started flying B-2 Stealth Bomber runs over South Korea as a show of force to North Korea during raised tensions in the region. The bombers flew 6,500 miles to bomb a South Korean island with mock explosives. Earlier this month the US Military ran mock B-52 bombing runs over the same South Korean island. The US Military says it shows that it can execute precision bombing runs at will with little notice needed. The US also reaffirmed their commitment to protecting it's allies in the region.

The North Koreans have been making threats to turn South Korea into a sea of fire. North Korea has also made threats claiming they will nuke the United States' main land.


Submission + - Square Enix President Yoichi Wada stepping down, Extraordinary loss predicted. (forbes.com)

skade88 writes: Square Enix president Yoichi Wada will not have his one year contract renewed in June on news of a huge loss for the company.

From the Article: 'The revised guidance for the year ending 31 March 2013 makes for grim reading. The predicted 13.5 billion yen drop (around $143.2 million) in operating income turns a 7.5 billion yen operating income into a 6 billion yen outflow – a 16.7 billion yen drop from the 2012 financial year operating income of 10.7 billion yen. Net income is similarly affected, dropping from a previous guidance of 3.5 billion yen to a 13 billion yen loss, down 19.1 billion yen on the prior year.'


Submission + - Ephemeral Vacuum Particles Cause Fluctuations in the Speed of Light (scienceworldreport.com)

skade88 writes: From the article 'Is the nature of a vacuum really fixed? Not so, according to two forthcoming papers. Researchers have identified a quantum level mechanism for interpreting a vacuum as being filled with pairs of virtual particles with fluctuating energy values. They've also discovered that physical constraints, such as the speed of light and the so-called impedance of free space, are indications of the total number of elementary particles in nature.'
NES (Games)

Submission + - Capcom remaking the original NES Duck Tails games with modern graphics. (arstechnica.com)

skade88 writes: Ars is bringing us more gaming news coming from PAX East today. Capcom held a panel that featured news on new Mega Man merchandise, Ryu being America's favorite Street Fighter character and new on a new Duck Tails game. First hand accounts say the Duck Tails news prompted the entire crowd into an inspired singalong "Life is like a hurricane
Here in Duckburg"

From the Article: "Yes, Capcom is finally bringing back the classic NES-era DuckTales in an HD remake for modern consoles, with Disney's blessing. The conversion is being handled by WayForward, best known at the moment for its Double Dragon Neon and the Nintendo DS Adventure Time game. All the graphics are being redrawn in HD, with 3D backgrounds drawn by one of the original DuckTales cartoon artists. Overall, the trailer evoked a visual feel similar to that of the Paper Mario games. The classic soundtrack is being remastered, too, by WayForward's Jay Kaufman.

The game is based heavily on the NES classic—about 70 percent of the content will be exactly the same, while 30 percent will be slightly re-tuned, a producer said. The similarities could actually be considered a feature rather than a problem, though, considering that the original game was a bona fide masterpiece created by some of Capcom's best talent. There will be a few new side features, too, such as a tutorial stage, cutscene introductions for characters, a museum, and a section that lets you do the "classic jump into the money bin," which is apparently very popular in play testing."


Submission + - GoPro issues DMCA take down on product review it does not like (arstechnica.com)

skade88 writes: Ars is reporting that, GoPro, the company that makes cameras used in extreme sports such as sky diving and swimming with dolphins has issued a DMCA take down notice on a review At DigitalRev that they do not like. See DMCA notice here

From the article: "DigitalRev has a blog post up about the takedown, suggesting that most DMCA takedowns are "abusive" in nature. "We hope GoPro is not suggesting, with this DMCA notice, that camera reviews should be done only when they are authorized by the manufacturers," writes DigitalRev. "GoPro (or should we call you Go*ro instead?), we'd be interested to hear what you have to say" about the infringement notice."

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