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Comment Re:Probably an Engineering issue on these machines (Score 1) 268

As a long time Mac user, this is exactly what I'm doing. It's not only over-priced, but I truly see no advantage to upgrading from my current Macbook Pro to the new one. If anything, I'd have to buy tons of adapters which I'm not keen on doing, and until GPU performance is fixed on laptops, there's no way I'm going to upgrade.

Comment iPhone 8 loses lightning port (Score 1) 155

The iPhone 8 has no jacks at all, not even a charging port. You'll receive one wireless charging plate with your purchase, which plugs into a USB-C port. Specially positioned magnets magically center the phone onto the charging plate.

Belkin, Griffin, and countless other Chinese companies will unveil phone holders for cars that have built-in wireless charging. To make the phone even thinner, no screws will be used. It will all be glued together.

The next MacBook Pro will have a Charge Bar along with the new Touch Bar. You just place your phone on the laptop and it charges.

Comment OURSELVES (Score 1) 190

For allowing such a broken internet design to continue to exist.
For allowing ICANN, RIPE, ARIN and APNIC to continue to exist.
For not adopting IPv6 faster/earlier.
For not adopting DNSSEC faster/earlier.
For not adopting Blockchain based name services faster/earlier and leaving the power at the hands of incompetents.

Just like non-voting during critical government elections, we vote for those attacks to continue by our lack of action.

You want those attacks to stop? DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

Comment Re:No MagSafe would be a step backwards (Score 1) 316

Thanks for that, even if I think that eventually with enough trippings of such a cable, the connector will damage the on-board female adapter and break the solder.

I still think it's absolutely stupid to remove the MagSafe adapter from the laptop, it doesn't take that much space. And I absolutely hate how USB-C feels when you connect it into a device. At least you can connect it without thinking about the direction/position, but it still feels terrible when you plug it in, and it's also kinda small and flimsy.

Comment Re:No MagSafe would be a step backwards (Score 1) 316

I trip it ALL the time. My wife does it, too. My daughter does it as well (she's a 3 year old).

I will not be upgrading to a new MacBook if MagSafe is dropped, because for the amount of money I'd spend on a MacBook Pro, I might as well get a more powerful laptop that isn't made of bendy metal (which BTW sucks!), and run Linux on it.

Comment Re:I own one, it's horrible (Score 1) 292

It wasn't the main focus of the purchase, we bought it because of its size and other (non-infotainment) features that matched our requirements. If this was an Android or iOS based infotainment system, the car would be simply perfect 10/10 (for a gas engine anyway). That, and the amplifier/speakers are Sony, and they do sound great (when the system manages to connect to my phone and I can play Spotify...).

Comment I own one, it's horrible (Score 5, Insightful) 292

It's really pretty bad. I wish it was easy to replace, and that there was an open source project to replace it. The moment I saw that Microsoft bezel under the infotainment system, I knew it was trouble. Hopefully this lawsuit forces Ford to replace every single one of them with something more usable.

Comment Re:BASH to the rescue! (Score 1) 370

I strongly disagree. The beauty of BASH is not in the syntax - it's that you start real simple by simply running commands, passing parameters, and then starting with asking questions and acting on the results. Anyone can learn BASH and go as slow, or as fast as they one, but anyone can at the very least write a super simple HELLO WORLD bash script with zero effort.

I also think once you learn proper BASH programming, it's an excellent gateway to other languages, and best practices, including proper escaping and sanitation of inputs.

Consider how simple the following script is, and how rough it would be if you had to do this in ANY other language:

    echo "Hello $1!"

You put this in a script, make it executable, and just run it: ./script John


    Hello John!

You see what I'm saying?

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