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Comment Re:Sad end to a great operating system (Score 1) 127

Curiously, it was easier to muck with punched cards on the IBM mainframe than it was to deal with the Selectric typewriters on Multics. In both cases, you were reliant on printed output, and a line printer could spew out paper much faster than an electric typewriter.

VMS was a well engineered OS, very robust, but exceedinglhy pedantic, making tasks that should have been simple (e.g., adding a new native command) excessively complicated. Its reliance on proprietary hardware that could not keep up with competing RISC systems did not help either.

Comment The Best Part (Score 5, Insightful) 96

Song is not asking for his money back. Why? Because cable companies (and others) normally insert an aribitration clause into their agreements to cover such situations, which would require Song to submit his dispute to arbitration (which would cost much more than the amount that could be recovered). Instead, Song is asking for injunctive relief - basically asking that Charter not charge him in the future. Why would he do so? Let's read a bit more of the agreement:

"Only claims for money damages may be submitted to arbitration; claims for INJUNCTIVE ORDERS or similar relief MUST be brought in a COURT ..."

Charter basically demands that Song hale it into court. Nice job, Charter lawyers.

Comment Re:Stay away from Baytrail (Score 2) 187

I have BayTrail a Z3735F machine and agree that it is a pain. Still, a default install of Debian Jessie (which does handle 64-bit CPU and 32-bit firmware out of the box) plus a kernel upgrade was enough to get it running just fine. On the positive side, it only cost around $130, needs no internal fan, weight less than 1 kg, and battery life is about 10 hrs.

Comment Old-Fashioned Way (Score 1) 515

I learned it by taking a class. Machine, Assembly, high-level. The arguments were all about which language to learn. Punched cards - the best way to enter code - no upper/lower case, so shift keys put numbers and special symbols onto regular letters. Much faster than stupid keyboards of today.

Comment Re:More is not better (Score 1) 263

Back in the day of free maps from gas stations, the ones from Esso (made by General Drafting Co.) were considered the best. I still have my copy of "New England Road Map" from 1988 (this one made for Shaw's Supermarkets, not Exxon). AAA maps are also quite good, but my local AAA is now closed.

Comment Thanks, Adobe (Score 5, Interesting) 162

The only audit I ever ran into came from Adobe, and it was for some product that I had signed off on the requisition for someone who ended up never using it anyway, but it was still my job to track down the original P.O. Not a huge deal, but it was a waste of a few hours along with accompanying anxiety. My solution to prevent a recurrence in the future: I will never approve a requisition for any product from Adobe ever again.

Comment Why I Do Not Recommend Oracle (Score 1) 343

It all sounds so familiar. Why would that be? Oh yes. Oracle is a purveyor of databases software. The SCO Group used to be a purveyor of operating system software. However, it eventually upped its claims against IBM to at least $5 billion. Not far short of Oracle's demand for $9.3 billion. Where is SCO now?
"Today SCO is, as the Court is aware, in a LIQUIDATION process ... It started out as a Chapter 11, became a Chapter 7 going back to 2007. These claims are the last, really the only asset remaining of SCO."

Oracle is threatening to become the new SCO.

Would you recommend a product from a company that is on a path to Chapter 7?

Comment Re:Actually not quite over (Score 1) 172

The lawsuits that SCO filed against other companies are all resolved. It lost against Novell and DaimlerChrysler and settled out of court against AutoZone (apparently getting a chunk of change from the latter).

The only other pending lawsuit is Red Hat against SCO, and that case is adminstratively closed, likely to never be reopened.

R.E. IBM, SCO will undoubtedly file an appeal, so saying that that SCO is absolutely dead is still premature. Kind of like that Monty Python skit

Comment Re:Whatever happened to Groklaw? (Score 5, Informative) 231

Groklaw is not completely closed down - just running in stealth mode. All the recent court filings still show up there. Other updates show up now and again. Note that the link in the summary to the decision itself takes you to ... groklaw. Commentary and discussions do continue on other boards and forums, but not with the same focus that groklaw brought.

Comment Any VGA? (Score 4, Interesting) 160

Just finished giving three talks in three days at three different locations / venues, where I needed to connect my laptop to the overhead projector. In every case the primary connector to the projector was VGA. Fortunately my clunky, old-fashioned, outdated laptop (actually, an old netbook) has a VGA port, so hooking up was always straightforward.

What does Skylake have to offer?

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