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Skype Releases Open SDK 108

An anonymous reader writes "SkypeKit gives Linux developers access to core functionality, allowing Linux developers to add video, calling, and instant messaging features to desktop applications. The SDK also comes with the freshly royalty-free SILK codec for high-end audio. Skype is hoping that the inclusion of SILK will popularize the codec, extending its reach. Currently, the SkypeKit beta is only available for Linux on an invite-only basis, with Windows and Mac versions planned in coming weeks. The SDK does not cover Android or Mac, an odd choice considering the announcement of SkypeKit championed itself for extending the functionality of Skype to multiple platforms and devices. Including smartphones in the SDK seems like an obvious move." Ars Technica has a rundown, too.

Comment What's so wrong about it? Everyone does it. (Score 4, Insightful) 215

Call me cynical, but semiconductor is one of the few industries where heavy competition happens and prices fall down quickly. I dont mind price-fixing if it saves an industry (and I am talking as someone currently unemployed and having difficulties making a semiconductor start-up mainly due to the current state of the industry). Compared to other professions, when will Lawyers be fined for price fixing??? When will hospitals and medical insurance companies be?? This is mainly the case because it's easier to get into Engineering than it is to get into Law or Medicine. People at the top in Law and Medicine make sure to limit the number of professionals getting into their ecosystem each year so they can justify their high salaries. Then you keep hearing (at least here in the UK) from all of these people/government official the old cliche of: "We need more doctors to solve the health issue!" - and all I see around me is an abundance of people wanting to be medical doctors but not being able to become one.

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