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Comment Occam's razor. (Score 1) 64


Im sure you americans don't understand this, but even in other first world countries, bandwidth being saturated in one direction like this gets common in peak times, and when ISPs fail to keep up with growing demand it can become almost permanent.

Whilst all your American bandwidth and internal routing costs pretty much nothing via sharing agreements, the rest of the world pays a premium to access it, so the lines into Cuba are under heavy load due to little content being hosted there compared to the US.

Honest to god this made it past everyone?

Comment Re:Yknow what else is male dominated? (Score 4, Informative) 373

You remember gamergate, where a small handful of fake accounts that managed to be screenshot by feminist seconds after posting apparently meant a whole movement of men and women where misogynistic.

Here is a nice list of leading and major feminists saying batshit crazy things, right up to the level of Hillary Clinton.

"Why on earth do people like you keep bringing this up like it's some great revelation. It's trivially obvious."
Yes its trivially obvious, yet almost all of DV protection efforts are only aimed at men as aggressors, with DV most often shown to be a cycle learned from the parents you might then see why a one sided approach of telling men to man up and take a beating wont fix anything.

Comment Re:Yknow what else is male dominated? (Score 4, Informative) 373

Plenty of MRA work hard at education and trying to get support for these things, but then feminists come along and bomb threat them or try and push the organisations out of existence. KSU Men for example https://www.youtube.com/watch?...

Feminists have known since the *very* first shelter for battered women opened that those women in violent relationships were basically split 25/50/25 in the ranges of Genuine Abused victims/Co abusives as bad as their partners/True aggressive females.

And what did the feminists do the their own feminists who build the first shelter, the one who started to talk about how bad domestic violence is? They issued death threats against her because she wanted to open homes for men, they killed her pet dog and they drove her out of the country in fear for her life.

Erin Pizzey speaking about it all. https://www.youtube.com/watch?...

When men account for one third of the deaths due to domestic violence, but only about 100th of the media coverage, when mothers murder there own children at the same rate that fathers do, but fathers are treated as murderers and mothers as victims then it gets really hard to push for funding, when State level government departments say that men accounting for at least 1/3rd of victims is "an insignificant statics that does not need to be addressed" you start to understand how biased the "patriarchy" is against men.

Women are as bad as men, and a hell of a lot better at organising mobs to do their dirty work.


Comment Re:Nothing is stopping women (Score 4, Insightful) 373

Is this like how for years women have preached how hard it is to get a job in STEM, when infact they pretty much breezed into work straight past all their male counterparts?

Remindes me of a mates wife, she spent a whole 3 weeks unemployed and was devastated in 10 job applications she only got 2 interviews, and was ready to GIVE UP due the how hard the job market was, on the flip side, I had held 2 jobs for 15 years, 7 years kitchen hand out of school in the recession, and 8 year in warehousing, in the warehouse job I made warehouse manger in 3 and half years.

I spent 2 years unemployed, couldn't get a job in hospitality, warehousing or management, 20+ applications a week, with real effort put into them, hell I even sought help with my applications and resumes only to be told "I cant believe you didn't even get a call back" from companies specializing in resumes.

We hear about how 7 publishers turned down harry potter, no one talks about how plenty of men send out stories to literally *every* publisher only to get all of them turned down but the last one.

There are really good female Authors out there, and they did the hard yards to get their place, just like most of the men, they didn't wake up one day and try to jump in head first, a lot of contemporary writers male and female have worked years, from the ground up, slaving at short stories, getting a name and a fan base to be able to find someone willing to risk the money to publish a book.

Anne McCaffrey is my second favorite Author, and the author of my two most loved books, she has been published since the NIGHTING FIFTIES under her female name, no need to hide it, no need to care, and if you think that today's world is a boys club, then imagine science fiction back then.

Comment Re: Nothing is stopping women (Score 3, Insightful) 373

Since we allowed the feminists and SJW to preach about how male centered and female unfriendly STEM is, the rates of females entering has lowered.

Stop telling women the industry hates them, stop telling them even if they succeed in university they won't get a job and just maybe we will reach the lovely higher levels of women in computers taht we had back in the highly egalitarian and social wonderlander that was the 1960's

Comment Re:Governments way to admit that bitcoins are... (Score 1) 144

They are as hard to trace as you make them...

full usage of them is listed and tracked in the transaction lists, we know which wallet every bitcoin or other one of these currencies go to..

Use that wallet in anyway to buy something that can be traced to you, IP address logged, shipping details, email... and bang, you are found as soon as they get who ever sold you X to reveal those details, and you bet your butt they are running data mining on the wallets.

Comment meh (Score 2) 285

Do the ppl who write this shit have any idea of the difference in those two types of crashes?

Its like saying 'Loss of limbs was down 15%, but bruising is up 18%",
Being T Boned is fucking horrific, I've seen it happen twice, both times I was fucking surprised we didn't have ppl die, I've seen maybe 30 Tail to nose crashes at lights, worst one i was surprised that someone *was* injured.

Comment Re:People tend to believe their first media (Score 1) 340

Well, when you leave the good old soviet union, and end up in a country that is war focused, leading attack after attack all around the world, in instances against legitimate elected governments and supplying training, equipment and funding to rebel fighters with doggy ethics at best..

then your own country gets roasted for supporting rebels who opposed an illegal government overthrow...

Well I would question everything that government had to say too.

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