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Comment Re:In related news... (Score 1) 335

I just flew out of PWM this weekend. I saw the new EHF scanner but didn't see it in use at all. I wouldn't be shocked if they never even turn the thing on at PWM. I'm also much more okay with the millimeter wave machines than x-ray backscatter. Non-ionizing radiation, but I would like to see a proper study on the effects of whatever dose of EHF that emits on people.

Comment Re:... well that's one reason open source is super (Score 2) 582

A personal anecdote: my open source theft recovery package for Macs has several thousand users. All of the source (with comments) is bundled with the installer, yet I often get questions from users about what the program does "under the hood", when they could easily learn the answer themselves by reading the source code.

I was with you until you said "easily" figure out what was going on under the hood by reading the source. Easy for you? Yes, you wrote it. Easy for me? In most cases, unless it's a really ridiculous source tree. Easy for the average user? You're giving the average person on the internet too much credit! :)

Comment Re:A question borne of helplessness... (Score 1) 358

That's a little unfair, I think. I'm asking for help in becoming an "armchair physicist" if you will, not a PhD. I want to get through the material and learn it to better my own understanding, not to master it and get into research. It's not as though I didn't google the subject, but if you went with that approach for a complex subject that you didn't already understand, you'd realize it's hard to know which path provides any sort of focus for what you want to understand. For instance, if you have a small company that needs to raise cash and want to know the details of American Securities Law, you might google it and get a little overwhelmed with the overlap of the states' Blue Sky laws, Exchange Act, etc. I, on the other hand, could pare the list down to what you might need to research to understand how to issue stock for your small, closely held corporation. It's a good intermediate step to have an expert filter your reading list, after all.

It's easy to call me lazy if you know the material and I don't, because you can look at what's out there and sort the material into "important," "good to know" and "discard" lists.

The real question is, did you really want me to actually put what I've already read and have queued up to read in the submission? I suppose I could have done that, but I've gotten some succinct responses already that suggest a totally different path than I've already started down. Maybe I wouldn't have received such good information otherwise.

In any case, I do appreciate the folks that have responded constructively. I'm lazy but I'm not that bad. Jeez.

Comment Re:5 steps method (Score 1) 3

Thanks for responding. It was the order of things that probably confused me the most, so I'l give vector/matrix math a shot and then try to work through Newtonian physics. I've had a course in Newtonian physics, but it wasn't calculus-based, so that probably didn't teach me anything other than an overview of the concepts.
XBox (Games)

Submission + - Run Unsigned Code on Current Xbox 360 Kernels (Eve (

Devxx writes: For those wanting to run homebrew on your xbox 360 can do so by utilizing this new exploit. This currently is supported on all 360s running Zephyr, Jasper, and Trinity with any dashboard/kernel. However you will still need to do some moding, see requirements and explanation in full story. While this may not be the solution for everyone it still beats the JTAG hack.
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Journal Journal: Biology Help Desk 4

Thanks to the power of my silly sig, I've been getting a lot of biology questions lately. Most of these are fun to answer, but occasionally they pop up in totally inappropriate threads just out of the blue. Since Slashdot supports commenting on journal posts, it seemed like the best thing to do would be to make one and encourage people to ask here instead. So do that!


Submission + - Math curriculum to understand General Relativity 3

sjwaste writes: "Slashdot posts a fair number of physics stories. Many of us, myself included, don't have the background to understand them. So I'd like to ask the Slashdot math/physics community to construct a curriculum that gets me, an average college grad with two semesters of chemistry, one of calculus, and maybe 2-3 applied statistics courses all the way to understanding the mathematics of general relativity. What would I need to learn, in what order, and what texts should I use? Before I get killed here, I know this isn't a weekend project, but it seems like it could be fun to do in my spare time for the next... decade."

Submission + - Schmidt: G+ "identity service", not social network (

David Gerard writes: "Eric Schmidt has revealed that Google+ is an identity service, and the "social network" bit is just bait. Schmidt says "G+ is completely optional," not mentioning that Google has admitted that deleting a G+ account will seriously downgrade your other Google services. As others have noted, Somewhere, there are two kids in a garage building a company whose motto will be "Don't be Google"."

Submission + - Apple's A6 Details and Timeline Emerge (

MojoKid writes: "For a CPU that hasn't seen the light of day, there's a great deal of debate surrounding Apple's A6 and the suggestion that it may not appear until later in 2012. The A6 is a complex bit of hardware. Rumors indicate that the chip is a quad-core Cortex-A9 CPU built on 28nm at TSMC and utilizing 3D fabrication technology. While the Cortex-A9 is a proven design, Apple's A6 will be one of the first 28nm chips on the market. The chip will serve as a test case for TSMC's introduction of both 28nm gate-last technology and 3D chip stacking. This is actually TSMC's first effort with an Apple device. The A4 and A5 have both historically been manufactured by Samsung."

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