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Comment Re:That's funny.... (Score 1) 533

South Australia has had ban on Plastic bags, both shopping (non-recyclable) and plastic bags. We all carry either calico bags for reuse, or a recycled milk containers made into stirdier handled bag for reuse.Just because you are reusing, doesn't mean basic health and cleanliness are not warranted. It took a little change, however, you still can purchase for between 10-20c a reusable plastic, or up to $1 for stirdier bags from the supermarket if needed, Just that instead of chucking out millions of plastic bags, we are encouraged to use them for a variety of tasks/needs. Like we have soft drink bottles, cans, beer bottles, juice containers which are all 10c deposit for recycling at a depot nearby. This too creates a alternative business model for those recycling various materials and doing rather well.

Comment Re:Disease (Score 2) 94

You honestly think that a Corporation can sell the idea of doing something like research for the sake of research to shareholders?? The fact there are possible patents and heaps of money to be gained from the proposed helping map the brain, would be easier to sell to your shareholders who only care about the bottom line, as opposed to the greater good.

Comment Re:I really don't know who to root for here. (Score 1) 54

There is a 10c deposit here in South Australia for every can, bottle, plastic container sold, which is paid to you when returned to recycling centre. National moves are being made for implementation across country. Less rubbish, Geater recycling, business creation through return scheme. Zero sum cost price however great benefits for numerous other spinoffs.

Comment Re:It feels too heavy and old (Score 1) 242

Terrified of change – no.

To me, the ribbon is an oversized tool taking up too much space, displaying too much information and has been change for change sake.

When it comes to supporting users. The ribbon is seen by many as a drastic change. The people who it took years to get used to the idea of looking in one place for information now need to get used to looking elsewhere.

I like the idea of a customisable toolbar (much like Office 2007+ Quick Access Toolbar) but coupled with Menus. I want less clutter on my screen, not more.

Menus keep relative functions stored in a neat and accessible way until needed. They encourage the learning of keyboard shortcuts through their underlining and display rather than having to rely on pop ups.

Menus keep relative functions stored in a neat and accessable way until needed. They encourage the learning of keyboard shortcuts through their underlining and display rather than having to rely on pop ups.

Yes, agree !! No Ribbon Please !! On the menus, make them more intuitive to allow what is shown on the menus. (Personally configurable).!! Not everyone was everything shown all at the same time. We do not use them all, all of the time. Without causing problems (for example purpose only) with Ipods, where you could have selecting what is shown on menu list. Thoughts anyway...


Submission + - Microsoft Loses Anti-Trust Appeal in EU (

sjdaniels writes: "(From of BBCNews) The European Court of First Instance has dismissed Microsoft's appeal in its long-running competition dispute with the European Commission. The court upheld the ruling that Microsoft had abused its dominant market position. A probe concluded in 2004 that Microsoft was guilty of freezing out rivals in server software and products such as media players. It was ordered to change its business and fined 497m euros (£343m; $690m)."

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