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Comment Meta-fooled (Score 1) 1582

Does it make me more of a fool that I called this as a joke until I saw it on my own page and saw that it was real and accurate? And I'm still not entirely sure that it's real. "The greatest trick Slashdot ever pulled was convincing the world it was all an April Fool's joke" - KysrSoze

Comment Good news (Score 5, Interesting) 148

This is the best outcome anyone hoping to hold politicians accountable for this could hope for. Now they can't just vote and shuffle it off into the past and tell people to get over it; their constituents have plenty of time to slam them with letters and phone calls and make them seriously rethink their support. Is it likely to still pass? Yes, that's the US for you. But now at least the bill's opponents have got a fighting chance.

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