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Comment Conservatism at its best (Score 2) 622

What's the new trend? Flames for PHP. Let's everyone join and destroy this shameful thing which is clearly aimed for noobs, not for us!
But after 15 years and tens of thousands of lines of code in POSIX C, C++, Delphi, Perl, etc I found I like PHP the most! Why?
Personal preference here:
-Great syntax. Yes, great syntax.Which for me means:
    C-like blocks, not the delphi's funny stuff, not python's space-based block detection!. Who didn't try to remove semicolons or blocks for fun when they first wrote their first compiler? Well this isn't for fun. I want {.} not tabs and spaces. Why change something that works so good? Even friends who like python have nothing to say about this 'feature'.
-sane array syntax. Not Perl's @,$,etc maddness.
-lots of supported interoperability with OS shared libraries. And this code runs fast.
-reliability. I don't recall seeing a segfault from a PHP process. Where I frequently see our python (2.6) processes segfaulting.
-mod_php. Reliable. Works.
-PDO database abstraction layer. I mean Oracle's OCI support was working fine even for external LOBs from 1999 in PHP3, but PDO was a step in the right direction.
-Modern features added lately (closures, etc).
-Great, and I mean great, documentation. That alone is a big plus.
-Several good and easy enough Frameworks (I don't mean Zend)
So we have a language which is reliable, supported, has modern features, can call most .so libraries I care about, has great DB interoperability, has a syntax I can work with, works good with apache. Why complain so much? Just point out what you don't like and request for changes. All this "I hate php with passion" seems very strange to me.


Submission + - SPDY Not as Speedy as Thought? (

Freshly Exhumed writes: Akamai's Guy Podjarny reveals after testing: SPDY is different than HTTP in many ways, but its primary value comes from being able to multiplex many requests/responses from client to server over a single (or few) TCP connections.

Previous benchmarks tout great benefits, ranging from making pages load 2x faster to making mobile sites 23% faster using SPDY and HTTPS than over clear HTTP. However, when testing real world sites I did not see any such gains. In fact, my tests showed SPDY is only marginally faster than HTTPS and is slower than HTTP.

Comment pros and cons (Score 1) 2254

+ I like how the stories "raise" when you click on them
+ the overall look is much better than the previous one
-reading comments is pretty unusable due to very high cpu

-some things need reduced padding, namely:
  left menu

  text content on the boxes to the right
-the left menu (stories, recent) need to go a bit further down, in par with the rest of the page columns
-consider changing all these #e6e6e6 and #e3e3e3 ... to #eee and adding a #ccc 1px border to each story that would disappear when it's "raised" by clicking

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