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Comment Re: What's next? (Score 1) 48

you know that your claims makes no sense.
if they manipulate their currency by undervaluing it to push their products including software, dollar value of anything originally designated in their currency will be higher. iow, if they undervalue their currency, cost of this project in dollar terms(74m) is higher than the real cost.

if "all of the expensive instruments came from other nations" why can't those other nations use same instruments to do that same thing at less.

maybe basic understanding of logic and basic education is what you need.

Comment Re:Blame those who are to blame (Score 1) 49

you are free to dig yourself into a hole by using faulty logic.
it is irrational to claim that exercise basic common sense and caution, require technical knowhow.

as usage stats indicate, billions of people have what is required use no tracking and no scripting extensions. same with being not lured in to fake sites and easy to use white listing of authentic sites when needed .
all it takes to be safe from this 'attack' is common sense and caution at any point of its requirements for success .

as i said from first there are incompetent idiots, like hillary, who lack those. don't slander everyone else by dragging them to her level of non competence.

Comment Re:Blame those who are to blame (Score 1) 49

this seems 'practical' only if victim is very stupid and has no common sense practical ability

So by your described metric, all of our non-technical families and friends are very stupid and have no common sense practical ability and it's their fault

no, your logic is faulty.
one or more of common sense actions like avoiding fake sites pretending to be others, and having widely used no tracking and no scripting extensions would prevent this 'attack' . all that does not require technical knowledge.

common sense competence and caution, which people like hillary clearly lacks, is all that is required.

Comment "practical" if victim is stupid (Score 1) 49

from what i read here, this seems 'practical' only if victim is very stupid and has no common sense practical ability, committing several silly mistakes in succession, from being lured to a fake sites to having full tracking and scripting enabled for all sites etc.

of course, with people like hillary clinton around, who fit that description, this is useful.
too bad being stupid and incompetent seems not to stop the careers( or have any consequence) of establishment elites no matter how many times they are exposed as easy penetrations for hacking or corruption. .

Comment Re:not beat russia (Score 1) 44

have to agree with ac.
the record that count is the is longest one, held by a russian who used russian spacecraft to do that.
now this says 'nasa astronaut' set a new us record. which in fact made him a pathetic 17th worldwide.
but even for that, he is in fact using non nasa russian rockets and support, going up from russia. if somali athlete who got most medals for great britian in this olympics is counted as british , then even this 17th ranker in record should count as russian.

Comment Re:The name says it all... (Score 1) 162

a conservative English accent ... .. you're salty because someone forgot to invite you to participate in Manbang?

need i say more?

anyway thanks for unwittingly supporting my original point; "more like enough said about quality of /. comments when most of the comments here are about a foreign word mispronounced and mistranslated."

Comment no they don't! (Score 3, Interesting) 183

since i have not used or logged in to my facebook account,(which is in my real but very common name that many others share) after initial signing up, and since i have variety of tracking blockers which do block facebook trackers in other websites, they have no data.
only people trapped in facebook's walled garden can think it is all that powerful.

more difficult to avoid the reach of that other ad pusher google.

they are way too confident in their algorithms that categorize users. i have seen enough wrong headed google ads/recommendations/etc to know that they have a wrong idea about my preferences on many things.

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