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Comment Re:Using the law to give himself an unfair advanta (Score 1) 208

laws and regulations give and unfair advantage to those who break them(like uber and airbnb) with impunity through loop holes, and to those who are well established(like the hotels here and regular taxi services) and can ensure the strict enforcement of them.

laws and regulations are unfair to those who are law abiding, in a environment where others do not follow them.

solution is to, have the least amount of laws and regulations practically possible, with least amount of complexity, and ensure these fewer simpler rules are followed.

Comment data analysis or "AI"? (Score 2) 81

why do people slap "AI" label on unnecessarily? publicity?

"The AI program then looked for patterns in this data, correlating the courts' final judgements with, for example, the type of evidence submitted ...a number of patterns emerged ...For example, cases concerning detention conditions ... more likely ...cases involving sentencing ...more likely"

this is mere data analysis. or is that what so called "AI" amount to?

and this,
"judgements of the court were more dependent on the facts of the case itself "
how smart of so called "AI" to find that out?

Comment Re:8% (Score 1) 105

that xkcd has very little to do with my point.
twitter is free to ban people they subjectively deem trolls/racists/whatever, but twitter has to accept the consequences (such as ruin and lay offs) of limiting robust contentious intellectual diversity (which is preferred by anyone who achieves, or try to achieve, anything in real world) to protect sensibilities and privileges of sponging snowflakes offended by politically incorrect speech.

Comment Re:8% (Score 5, Insightful) 105

What in the world do those 3700 people do?

engage is sjw activism under orders?

problem with twitter is, its leadership does not seem to know what it does.
if it is a facilitator for expressing and communicating( a micro blogging site, media site, or whatever, it calls itself), it should not be putting any limits on any of that unless specifically asked to do so by courts after due process. instead, irrationally, its leaders seem to think expressing and communicating will be helped by a creating a "safe space" where some people's feelings and sensibilities will be privileged over others.

depending on 'delicate' people who must be protected from words( who are by definition spongers on more robust people), for profits, inevitably leads to ruin. this was predicted by many and will happen.

Comment Re:YEah (Score 1) 77

this story is meaningless. conclusions drawn are too general and not necessarily correct.
for just one example, there is a reason why mere averages are not good for statistical analysis. average rating for one set of data may be higher than another set of data for variety of reasons, including very high rating( or very low ratings) for just one or two shows skewing the average. skewing will be greater if the set is smaller. so if set of original content is small and has handful of shows with very high ratings, their average will be high, compared to a very large set of non original shows whose rating distribution is likely to be more even just because it is a larger set.

Comment Re:Divorced Talulah Riley again? (Score 0) 81

he is so careless about it because it's not his money.its either investors' or public money. he billions are just paper, it is investors who give value to it ( eg elizabeth holmes who became a billionaire and then went to zero just on paper) .
he has a blank cheque to fulfill his dreams at others' cost.

if investor want to waste it and lose money, let them.

public money should not be so wasted, but on the other hand, corrupt politicians like clinton has wasted it in worse ways .

Comment self-driving or assisted driving ? (Score -1, Troll) 186

"self driving" should not require a human at wheel. tesla requires one.
and as for "safety features" and tesla's "own standards", how about an alarm to warn driver that he has been away from wheel after a few seconds.

musk and tesla better learn that false advertising will get them in trouble as crashes pile up.

Comment Re: Uneducated voters, yay! (Score 1) 412

there seems to be confusion on who are "educated" when it comes polls.

just 1 example,
la times tracking poll

in its breakdown, "college grad or up" go for clinton >50%, while trump is in 30%s. trump wins other categories of education in that poll.
but when it comes to income, trump wins "more than $75k"(smaller margin) and "$35-75k"(bigger margin) , while clinton wins "less than $35k"(bigger margin).

but all studies say income and education is highly correlated in usa.

so how to explain this anomaly(income and education giving different preferences) in poll( which is similar in other polls that offer breakdowns like that).

a partial explanation is race. as la times says "clinton holds a distinct edge among lower-income voters, reflecting her strong support among blacks and latinos. " in fact, its blacks who go for clinton 87 to 4.

but that explains only lower income category.

Comment Re:Twat?! (Score 5, Insightful) 313

Why not?!

what is the use of a "micro-blogging social platform" or a "news service" that acts against free speech.
as a private company they are free to ban people for hurting others' feelings (btw nothing worse can happen in that platform), but must deal with consequences.

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