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Comment Re:How Many Babies Died For Your Stem Cells? (Score 1, Insightful) 51

you seem to be pretty irrational in your response.

GP was wrong to not read carefully and assume, (like lots of people) that all stem cells are embryonic stem cells (which btw are pretty useless scientifically) and this involved latter. sibling reply has already addressed that mistake before you,
but you are wrong to say "please keep religious to yourself" and "please don't vote or put yourself in any position of responsibility as you don't seem qualified".

1/ he did not refer to religion.

2/ one can be anti abortion, and/or anti embryonic stem cell harvesting, without being religious.

3/ he should be free to, and as an active citizen should, express ethical concerns based on ethical rules stemming from religion or any beliefs he has. (btw all moral codes, that extend beyond 1 person at 1 point of time, are beliefs).

4/ everyone operate with limited knowledge and qualifications (that includes you, GP and me), none are not omniscient gods. so no one should be excluded on arbitrary criteria preferred by some. instead rational discussion and debate, backed with verifiable facts, should be criteria on which words and actions should be judged. did you do that?

Comment Re:An old theory, revitalized! (Score 3, Insightful) 90

I should go find old theories and republish them as new ideas, then I can brag I was published in scientific journals.

"The researchers conducted nearly 1,000 computer simulations and estimate about 20 impacts could do the job."

this is what modern science is reduced to, old theories joined to faddish techs that can be easily trailered to fit the theory.

Comment hand over control to automata and others (Score 1) 15

with each automated unobtrusive advance we get ability to hand over more of our bodies to automata and others.

hopefully such handovers will remain our choice.

some of us, even in other things, prefer to be in control and knowledgeable as much as possible, even if that makes demands on our time and other resources. for instance, that is why some like open source software and unix philosophy. others prefer (allegedly) easy to use proprietary stuff which cover up the actual workings and prevent repairing among other things.

we are getting to a similar choice about our bodies.

Comment wikipedia = pov of entrenched editors (Score 0) 65

currently wikipedia has a extreme bias toward western secular globalist "liberal" elitist interventionist pov, due to power of entrenched editors.

prime example is article on british empire; a regime that engaged in all types of atrocities (to greater degree than any other regime in history) to exploit resources of others. genocide, ethnic cleansing, slavery, preventable famines killing millions, torture, brutal suppressions of widespread resistance, etc., etc., well in to 1970s.

but modern secular globalist "liberal" elites are direct beneficiaries of that regime, and their interventionist ideology is a direct descendant of that regime.

so there is a marked contrast between wikipedia article on british empire and articles on similar brutish regimes like stalin's ussr and mao's china etc.
well known atrocities are mentioned at a minimum, atrocities that are less well known, like famines, are ignored, while sun shining all day is mentioned.
this is so even when well sourced separate articles on these atrocities exist in wikipedia itself.

article's history page(not to mention frequent locking of page) is evidence of editors concerted attempts censor links to even wikipedia articles with short summary text in british empire article. even the "talk" page is censored to prevent discussion.

Comment this is too broad, and useless, data analysis (Score 4, Insightful) 24

in the first place, this is too general, and group too many conditions together (derived from too few clues) to be precise and informative .

second, what is the point?
either we know the artist had these conditions or not already. if we don't, we can't do a correct diagnosis based on this limited method anyway.
nor do this say anything valuable about the creation or creative process, since even if artist had some condition that can be diagnosed, that is just one factor at the time, his emotional and mental states and his relationships, probably had more to do with his creations. nor does a person's physical state remain constant even with a condition; whether he slept, was drugged up, what he ate, etc, are probably more relevant.

third, technologically, this is just another hyped up application of data analysis.

Comment Re:Twitter is dead (Score 0, Troll) 62

vine is not dead. it is twitter itself that "can't monetize,.. can't sell" itself. in your words it is twitter that is dead.

alleged social networking/communicating/media site twitter became a zombie, when it betrayed its primary purpose by censoring and banning adventurous and broad minded members of 'society and network', for holding and expressing, not politically correct, rude (even 'hateful'), and intellectually diverse(and thus sometimes emotionally hurtful), views, to create a safe spaces for sick, weak (only the weak will confuse words with criminal actions), and closed minds of the herd.
twitter is free to do that, but must accept the consequence; one can't thrive by merely pandering to the weak minded herd. in fact one goes bankrupt and die. slowly.

vine merely got infected by that zoomie twitter

Comment no salinger, just a derivative of others (Score 1) 44

"He is private and has intentionally stayed out of the spotlight like J.D. Salinger"

his is ok, but he is not salinger. fact that there is a new derivative movie based on characters he "created" (if that is the word, given comparative lateness of his characters to a genre, and which he did nothing to expand beyond its limitations).

Comment Re:Fag control shot (Score 0, Troll) 372

sexual orientation, which is both fluid and dynamic, rather than fixed and static, is a choice, not a genetic imperative.
there is zero evidence for "gay gene". nor is there any evolutionary reason for one.

let people be free to choose their life style (as long as they do not harm others same right). and change it too if they wish.

Comment Re:Using the law to give himself an unfair advanta (Score 1) 310

laws and regulations give and unfair advantage to those who break them(like uber and airbnb) with impunity through loop holes, and to those who are well established(like the hotels here and regular taxi services) and can ensure the strict enforcement of them.

laws and regulations are unfair to those who are law abiding, in a environment where others do not follow them.

solution is to, have the least amount of laws and regulations practically possible, with least amount of complexity, and ensure these fewer simpler rules are followed.

Comment data analysis or "AI"? (Score 2) 83

why do people slap "AI" label on unnecessarily? publicity?

"The AI program then looked for patterns in this data, correlating the courts' final judgements with, for example, the type of evidence submitted ...a number of patterns emerged ...For example, cases concerning detention conditions ... more likely ...cases involving sentencing ...more likely"

this is mere data analysis. or is that what so called "AI" amount to?

and this,
"judgements of the court were more dependent on the facts of the case itself "
how smart of so called "AI" to find that out?

Comment Re:8% (Score 1) 105

that xkcd has very little to do with my point.
twitter is free to ban people they subjectively deem trolls/racists/whatever, but twitter has to accept the consequences (such as ruin and lay offs) of limiting robust contentious intellectual diversity (which is preferred by anyone who achieves, or try to achieve, anything in real world) to protect sensibilities and privileges of sponging snowflakes offended by politically incorrect speech.

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