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Comment Re:Change the employee agreement (Score 2) 384

Alas, the law as it stands requires that if internet access is merely an "incidental feature of its main business activities" the company does not qualify as an "IP Address Provider", and thus the company is still liable, thought of that one a while back. Also if you don't issue public IP addresses you're not an IPAP (roll on ipv6!)

At least my crafty lawyers haven't found a way through it yet. Maybe soon.

Comment Re:Unfortunately, the Soyuz issue is a bit harder (Score 4, Informative) 62

Which is using hydrogen peroxide and potassium permanganate to drive them, just like the old German V2 rocket IIRC..

No it isn't! While that's true of the RD-117/RD-118 engines on the first stage and boosters the upper stage's RD-0110 uses its Kerosene and LOX to produce the hot gasses.

Comment Re:Weed (Score 1) 347

And we wonder why software fails so often... You get the munchies, forget what you were doing, assume it must have been good because it seems to work!

Comment Re:That so called Researcher should be arrested (Score 4, Insightful) 136

Because we've seen from history that most companies won't patch an exploit unless it's screaming at them, and that most exploits are picked up by people who wish actual harm on you before security researchers find them.

Hopefully this will force some device manufacturers to release 2.2 updates for their devices, and with any luck it'll teach them to stick with stock android rather than loading crapware.

Comment If they stopped ripping of students... (Score 1) 419

they'd probably sell more. After my first semester I stopped buying textbooks and just photocopied the exercises as needed. Most textbooks were rubbish compared to the lectures and resources on the internet, so I didn't see the point.

I was also helped by most of my lecturers who thought the whole textbook market was a scam and just assigned their own exercises. We need more lecturers and professors like that.

Comment Re:The best part about in-browser GPU acceleration (Score 4, Informative) 360

The GPU, as it's normally on PCIe these days, has DMA capabilities. On most (all?) x86 systems DMA isn't restricted through an MMU, unlike CPU memory access. This means that by sending the correct commands to the GPU you can access any part of the system memory.

If this is possible in reality I have no idea, but that's the concept.

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