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Comment Re:What I'm really curious about is.... (Score 1) 119

It would go farther inland, not only in lakes and rivers but it would raise the ocean levels too. So there would be more salt water, which isn't safe to drink. You would have to distill it, which takes a while (I think..) and takes a lot of energy to do, so the cost of energy and water would go up.

Also, the oceans would get watered down and the lower amount of salt would screw up the climate and all the ecosystems in the ocean. (I don't think it would get watered down enough to drink though.)

The ocean has a specific density with the salt and has a balence that creates the currents that warm the northern/southern areas and cool the areas near the equator. Toss that out and it will get colder in Europe and hotter in Eastern North America, and who knows what'll happen in the rest of the world.
Many large coastal cities and countrys would get covered with water.
Ecosystems that have lasted for thousands of years would be completely wiped out because the speed of the change wouldn't allow them to evolve and adapt fast enough to be able to survive.

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