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Comment hasn't sony run out of ammo yet? (Score -1) 212

how can they keep shooting them selves in the foot???

or do they not know that you can pick up an updated xbox (refurb) for under 175 and it won't die like the eariler ones
so now all they have on xbox is the free service, and they want to take that away, dolts....
ooo i know why! they are finally going to release GT:5 it can't be true!

ps first post

Whatever Happened To Second Life? 209

Barence writes "It's desolate, dirty, and sex is outcast to a separate island. In this article, PC Pro's Barry Collins returns to Second Life to find out what went wrong, and why it's raking in more cash than ever before. It's a follow-up to a feature written three years ago, in which Collins spent a week living inside Second Life to see what the huge fuss at the time was all about. The difference three years can make is eye-opening."

Comment Re:my ammo (Score 1) 877

i like wild raised deer. mmmmm *drools* i feed them my left overs and such. and then harvest later in the year. that counts as growing.

ooo yea you met vegies. peanuts are good, thats close right ? :-) p.s. how do you plan on stopping the zombies? i know collie flower is scary stuff but i don't think that will stop them. http://www.freewebs.com/njglazs/preparedness.jpg

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