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Comment Re:know your rights (Score 5, Informative) 453

Sadly I don't think you have any rights - at least not in Australia - where I come from, and which has very similar customs laws to those of New Zealand.

It would appear that they can take any and all of your electronic devices and storage equipment - including laptops, smartphones, usb keys - and they don't have to explain why or state what "reasonable suspicion" they have that you might have something illegal. On the whim of the customs officer, they can keep it for 14 days, or longer if they feel they have cause to.

At most all you can do is lodge a complaint...

Comment Re:Gee, I wonder what Slashdot will think (Score 0) 307

Seriously - I have mod points, but I'm going to forsake them for replying to your post...

You are currently at +4 Interesting. That alone says enough for me that your first and last sentences are just plain WRONG. While you gleefully generalise slashdot mods (and even general commentors), the fact is that people have different opinions, and it's how they present them that gives you points in this forum. You have a valid point, but I hope you take the time to read the people who have replied to you, and acknowledge the merits of their argument as well as their position.

People who constantly say "I'm going to get modded down for this...." annoy me. You underestimate the value of discussion, and you diminsish us all.....

Submission + - I want out of IT

sleigher writes: I have worked in IT and IT related fields for 15 years. I have worked in games, biotech, healthcare and chip-fab companies. I have done desktop support, linux/unix support, and currently am a lead Sr. Administrator for enterprise storage and unix. I have worked my way up to architect level where we design and implement our own solutions for the business and support it on-going.

Now, I am done. I have nowhere to go but management, and I hate politics. I just don't have the stomach for it. I want out of IT completely. Where can someone such as myself look work that doesn't require server/system support? What options are available for a career path outside of IT? I mean, besides Dairy Queen...

Submission + - What We Don't Know About Windows 8

adeelarshad82 writes: Over the past few months Microsoft has released some exciting information on Windows 8 including details on the fresh new look, metro interface, an app store and that it will run on non-Intel-standard chips. However tech industry expert, Michael J. Miller, ponders over the crucial features whch are yet to be revealed. For instance, Microsoft is yet to release details on how the new metro interface will co-exist with the existing. Also how the existing applications will migrate to the new UI. Moreover and maybe the biggest question of them all is how strong is Windows on ARM.

Submission + - BAE Develops Body Wearable Antennas for Soldiers (

Zothecula writes: Reliable communications are almost as critical to the modern soldier as their weapons and ammunition. Conventional whip-antennas are not only cumbersome and conspicuous, but they don't always provide a reliable link between a soldier laying on the ground and one standing up. Meanwhile, the short antenna of a portable radio can mean the signal is masked by the user's body. To provide more reliable, continuous 360-degree radio coverage, BAE Systems has developed a series of Body Wearable Antennas (BWAs) that, like the experimental antenna system recently developed at Ohio State University, sees the antennas weaved into the fibers of a uniform.

Submission + - The importance of community input (

GeekyBodhi writes: "Recently I interacted with members of the Linux Mint distro to understand the reasons behind the distribution's meteoric rise. As they explained the brain storming that takes place before every release, I was struck by the importance the developers give to the demands of their users. "Users love having their input actually acted upon. It gives them a sense of ownership and value. This motivates those with the right skills to begin contributing as well.""

Submission + - AMD sets world record with 8.429 GHz Bulldozer (

Vigile writes: At a press meeting in Austin, Texas on August 31st, AMD set out to impress attendees with the ability of its new Bulldozer core architecture to overclock. They brought in the big guns: not just liquid nitrogen but liquid helium as well with temperatures hovering between -220 and -230 C. The results were better than they had hoped as AMD was able to set a new world record for frequency of a processor at 8.429 GHz, besting the previous high of 8.308 GHz on Intel Celeron. PC Perspective was there and took some photos and video of the event, so if you are interested in this kind of extreme overclocking, it is worth checking out.

Submission + - Indie Linux Game Devs Upload Own Game on PirateBay (

dartttt writes: To counter the piracy problem, Tiny Build Games who released No Time To Explain few days back, uploaded their own version of game on Pirate Bay. But there is a difference is this version and the original game that you can buy from the game website.

All in game characters wear Pirate hats and entire game is Pirate themed basically making it No Time to Explain 'Pirate Edition'.


Submission + - Historical censorship in (war)gaming (

Borg453b writes: Wargaming is now removing the “Micheal Wittmann” reference in their popular “World of tanks” game. A recent announcement informs players, that the “Wittmann’s Medal” is to be substituted. Micheal Wittmann was a famous German tank ace, who was credited with the destruction of 138 enemy tanks. Wittmann’s SS membership is undoubtedly at the heart of the issue.

A translated Q&A (strangely devoid of corp-speak) gives us some insight on the rationale behind the decision.

Personally, I think it’s a shame that game that centers around armored warfare can no longer acknowledge the skill of an ace, due to his political ideals and affiliations.


Submission + - Facebook Tool Automates Syphoning of User Data (

Orome1 writes: A group of security researchers has developed a proof-of-concept Java-based tool that could allow malicious individuals to automatize the syphoning of information from a target's Facebook profile that would otherwise be unaccessible to them. To do that, the attacker must only create a new Facebook account, and the tool practically does the rest of the work.

Submission + - UK watchdog wants prison for data 'blagging' (

twoheadedboy writes: "Serious breaches of the Data Protection Act such as 'blagging' should warrant prison sentences, according to information commissioner Christopher Graham. Data blagging is where someone "knowingly or recklessly" obtains or discloses personal data without the consent of the data controller. The calls came after a 'shocking' case which saw a bank cashier pleading guilty to accessing the personal data of a sex attack victim. The man convicted for that attack was the cashier's husband. Sarah Langridge — a former employee of Barclays Bank — claimed she wanted to build a picture of the woman who had accused her husband so she accessed the victim's bank accounts."

Submission + - QR Tags Can Be Used For Web-Based Attacks (

Trailrunner7 writes: QR tags have become the next big thing in interactive marketing. But as smart phone users flock to the trendy, postage-stamp sized bar codes, researchers are warning that they could be used to hijack mobile phones by directing them to malicious Web pages.

Researcher Augusto Pereyra demonstrated a practical attack that would link a malicious QR tag to an Internet based attack server running an instance of the Metasploit penetration testing. Similar attacks could be used to push malicious programs to vulnerable mobile devices that scan the QR tag, he said.

Open Source

Submission + - UK: Open Standards Must be RF, not FRAND (

Glyn Moody writes: "There has been a big battle in the UK over whether open standards should be Restriction/Royalty-Free (RF) or Fair, Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory (FRAND). That matters, because open source can't in general implement FRAND standards (there are legal hacks that can be applied in a few special circumstances.) First it seemed that RF had the upper hand [.pdf], but later comments from officials cast doubt on that. Now we have the definitive answer from the UK Minister for the Cabinet Office, Francis Maude: "The Government require that their ICT should be built on open standards, wherever possible, to improve competition and avoid lock-in to a particular technology or supplier. Fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory (FRAND) specifications may present some difficulties for the open source software development model in terms of patents and royalties. To deliver a level playing field for both open source and proprietary software, open standards are needed." Will UK government use of open source finally take off, or is this a hollow victory?"

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