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Comment Even if you live with a service dog? (Score 1) 152

"A heroic service dog saved the day by dialing 911 and pulling her blind owner to safety after the home they shared in the Holmesburg section of Philadelphia caught fire on Thursday morning. Yolanda, a golden retriever, called 911 on a specialized phone...."

normally, service dogs are trained to hit any button because they are all programmed to dial 911

Comment Re:Failed model (Score 1) 367

Somehow, rental car companies stay in business. Sure, they clean the car between renting it out again, and some people are rough on rental cars, but they will make it work. Currently, they hit your credit card with an extra $150 or more that they refund when you return the car. And what that doesn't cover, the insurance will.

Comment Re:If You're not rich, have a bright future! (Score 1) 367

The idle rich have hobbies financed by their trust funds. You can consider a Basic Income scheme to be a trust fund for the rest of us. Then jobs can be seen as something fun to do to advance society, provide meaning to life, or bring in extra cash, above and beyond what is needed to eat and sleep under a roof

Comment Re:And so continues.. (Score 1) 426

I'm sorry that you got modded down. Your comments are interesting even if you are drawing the wrong conclusions.

Websites can detect ad blockers, so you or someone you work with should be able to tell you how many of your readers are using ad blockers. I'm sure you will find more than 1 ad blocker in use during a 5 day period. It's much easier to install an ad blocker than to file a formal complaint.

I know for me, it's the animated ads and the noisy ads. I can't read the article if there is something bouncing around the screen. I don't like sound either, especially if I'm in a public place. Sound will get me to close a tab really fast. It's faster to close a tab than to turn down the volume. With the animated stuff, I at least tried, reloading sometimes, in an attempt to get a less bothersome ad. Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to read an article because someone things that the ad is more important than the content.

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