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Comment Re:Big whoop (Score 1) 914

You are acting on the premise that others owe you their labour. Don't like the electic company? Buy your own generator to get off the grid. Or stop using electricity. (Yes, many people in the world get by without it; electricity is a privilege.) And I won't get into the mess caused by government colluding with electric companies, which is why they are a monopoly to begin with. Don't like FICO? Save up an pay for a house in cash, or rent, because there is always some landlord that will take you no matter how much of a scumbag you are. Register an escrow with the government to get around their imposed requirement to have liability insurance. Don't like OnStar listening in on people? Don't buy the stupid service. In every case, there is no power over you because you have the choice to not utilize those people's services. It only becomes control over you if you believe that they owe you their labour. But all that aside, your premise is that yo have a right to other people's labour. That is a privilege, not a right, any more than your programmer's mindis anyone else's right.

Government is supposed to be accountable to the people, but it is actually accountable to the most powerful gang, whether that gang be a labour union, corporate lobby, church, ethnic race, etc. Businesses are supposed to be accountable to the people since dissatisfied customers mean your business ceases to exist, but in today's reality they exploit the government (in the instances it become the strongest gang, out-muscling the other gangs that want to exploit you) to oppress the people via government enforced DMCA, government protected utilities and cable TV monopolies, corporate bailouts on the tax payer's dime, etc.

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