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Comment Re:Everyone is different (Score 1) 115

If it's anything like my experiences, local anesthetic removes the feeling of pain, but doesn't remove sensation entirely, so you can still feel what the doctor is doing somewhat. Normally your only options are to either watch what they are doing, or close your eyes and try to ignore it all (or the more dangerous 3rd option, sleep through it via general anesthetic). VR fits into the second category, by both blocking hearing and vision, and by making it far easier to ignore everything going on in the outside world.

Comment Re:Half baked (Score 1) 69

Have you actually tried the vive or the rift?

If you tried one of the two, and it made you sick, especially if it was immediate sickness, then it's not the headset's fault, you are just one of the small percentage of people that simply can't handle VR (my mom is like this, she gets sick with 30 seconds). You will probably never be able to use VR in your lifetime, regardless of how far the technology advances, unless you either take medication or start building up a tolerance.

It's pretty extreme to say that VR should be banned by the government just because YOU personally don't like it.

Comment Re:I've seen it in action (Score 1) 196

A lot of places are like this now. They don't even average the score anymore, they just count the number of 5/5s or 10/10s.

Under this rating, someone who totally sucks (would get a 4/10 on average), would beat someone who is really good most of the time (8/10 average), as long as the first guy gets a few of his friends involved to generate fake 10/10 reviews.

Comment Airbus is the one to do it. (Score 1) 140

No company has more experience with computer controlled flight than Airbus. The A380 is already capable of tarmac-to-tarmac autonomous flight, treating the human pilots more as a fail-safe than as real pilots. (For example, if the human pilot tries to do something stupid, like fly upside down or intentionally crash, the autopilot is designed to fight back).

Comment Re:Nothing new here (Score 1) 140

4. Self flying cars are even more ridiculous than self driving cars, given that self driving cars cannot handle streets that have not been mapped to millimeter precision, or road constructions, or bad weather, or any of a million other real life conditions. Flying is geometrically more complicated than driving, and there's no reason to believe anyone alive to day will live to see true self driving cars.

Airbus A380s can already fly the ENTIRE ROUTE completely by autopilot, including the takeoff and landing (auto-landing requires an airport with ILS, which most major airports already have, not sure of the requirements for auto-takeoff)

While flying is technically more difficult than driving, there are far less things to run into, and a lot of aircraft already have a system similar to v2v, so the computer already knows where all the other aircraft are in the sky. Radar detection/avoidance also works much better in the air, because there are less obstructions.

Just because flying is harder than driving for a human to do, doesn't mean it's also harder for a computer to do.

Comment Re:Not a crazy idea (Score 1) 140

That's just dumb, that's just dumb because you can't make a car smart enough to navigate daily traffic with all onboard sensors.

This is exactly how Tesla does it, and while it isn't perfect, it's mostly usable and still improving. It's silly to say something is impossible when we are already most of the way there.

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