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Comment Re:Associativity of OR: (Score 1) 331

Unless they are trying to argue that "A and B and (C or D)" is meant - given context, that is insane.

The line is written as "A,B,C or D"

In oxford english, it means A or B or (C or D) due to the missing comma after the C
This is the way the drivers are reading it

In non-oxford english, it means A or B or C or D.
This is the way the company is reading it.

Comment Re:FBI refuses to think of the children (Score 1) 244

It was loaded as part of the login screen, before the person had actually gotten into the site (and onion addresses are intentionally nonsense, so there is no way to know what site you are actually going to end up at when you click a link).

They are charging people on the basis that the presence of the FBI spyware alone is proof of guilt, whether or not they find any child porn on the persons computer, and more importantly, whether or not they had actually accessed anything illegal.

It's like setting up a camera at the door to an illegal brothel, and charging everyone who goes through that door with soliciting prostitution, even if they were just drunk and lost.

Comment Re:FBI refuses to think of the children (Score 1) 244

I suspect that they are hiding some fatal flaw in the evidence collection method, which will invalidate the evidence (or at least violate the warrant) if the full method is revealed.
Other sites have mentioned that the malware may have been loaded too early, before the target had actually broken the law (which takes it beyond the scope of the warrant)

Comment Re:We all knew it was coming eventually. (Score 1) 644

Yeah, I agree that its a system that doesn't actually account humans, and probably never would have worked the way he thought.

My biggest issue, though, is that everything that happened afterwards was not only not his fault, but also tainted public perception against anything even remotely similar, and it has pushed the US farther in the opposite direction than we might otherwise be.

Nationalized health care is a perfect example, most 1st world countries have it, but the US doesn't, because it's considered too much like communism.

Comment We all knew it was coming eventually. (Score 1, Insightful) 644

There was once a visionary, all the way back in 1848, who foresaw that this day would come. He witnessed the the early attempts at farm automation and realized that machines would someday make human labor redundant, and knew that a new economic system would be required to handle it.

Unfortunately, over the following century, other people would co-opt and distort his ideals for the sake of personal gain and public suppression, giving his system an unfair and undeserved bad reputation.

His name was Karl Marx.

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