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Comment Re:Seriously incompetent (Score 1) 214

This assumes that there is a single person with access to all the source code. It wouldn't surprise me if the various parts of iTunes were written by independent teams with no access to each others code, intended to prevent an employee from stealing the source code and selling it to a competitor.

Comment Headline grabbing? (Score 1) 153

Why would you give your meeting a "headline grabbing" (but supposedly inaccurate) title, and then ban the press from attending? Why manipulate the title for the sake of sensationalism, and then keep it all secret?

Someone is lying about something, I just can't tell which part is the lie. Are they lying about the title change? Are they lying about the true purpose of the meeting? Did the press lie about not being invited? When you have multiple "facts" that contradict each other, it's a sure sign that something is being covered up.

Comment Re:My wife asked a key question (Score 2, Insightful) 85

The answer is Socialism

People have seen this day coming ever since the industrial revolution first starting taking jobs away from farm workers. This is why some countries are now looking at Universal Basic Income, because mechanization of tasks has made us TOO efficient, and there just isn't enough work to go around.

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